Exclusive Bourbon Selections

Woodford Reserve “K&B”
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  • A blend of 2007 and 2010 barrels. Caramel, orange citrus, clove, leather, nut and light smoky finish.


Woodford Reserve “Rye Not”
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  •  53% Rye  33% Corn 15% Malted Barley. Green Apple, mint, floral notes with a touch of spice on the finish


Elijah Craig “GG ” 
  • Bardstown, KY         47% ABV
  • Barrel was selected from Warehouse GG of Deatsville, said to be  Parker Beams favorite warehouse for barrel selections. Honey, slight almond, marshmallow, dry spice, brown sugar.


Eagle Rare 10 yr. Single Barrel   
  • Frankfort, KY           45.% ABV
  • Brown sugar sweetness, light spice, great almond dryness on finish.

Single Barrel Bourbon

  • Frankfort, KY           46.5% ABV
  • The first commercially successful single barrel. Made from Buffalo Trace’s higher rye mash bill #2. Nutmeg, spices, dry vanilla, hints of honey, strong caramel and corn.
Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel
  • Frankfort, KY           62.7% ABV
  • Barrel strength Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #2. Orange zest, dried fruit, butterscotch, heavy dose of oak.
Blanton’s Gold
  • Frankfort, KY           51.5% ABV
  • Limited US allocation, all goes international. Nice of them to share. Honey, toffee, tobacco, dried fruit, pepper.
E.H. Taylor, Jr. Bottled In Bond
  • Frankfort, KY           50% ABV
  • Aged exclusively in Warehouse C. Lightly toasted oak, with dried figs, butterscotch, tobacco and spice.
Ezra B 12 Yr
  • St. Louis, MO*         49.5% ABV
  • Replaces the 15 year expression. Charcoal filtered. Baking spice, red berries, toffee, pepper, oak with a mellow finish.
Four Roses
  • Lawrenceburg, KY    50% ABV
  • High rye bourbon from a labeled “B” mash bill of 60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% malted barley and a labeled “V” yeast strain added. Fruity aromas with notes of honey, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg.
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select
  • Lynchburg, TN    47% ABV
  • From the extreme fluctuations of upper half of the rick-house. Sweet vanilla, caramel, oak with a creamy long finish.
Jim Beam
  • Clermont, KY           47.5% ABV
  • Beam’s top 1% hand selected and individually unique. Caramel, mild oak, hint of corn, orange peel with a dry finish.
John J. Bowman
  • Fredericksburg, VA   *  50% ABV
  • Triple distilled for the first time at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Toffee, leather, touch of figs, almonds and a long dry finish.
Knob Creek 9 Yr
  • Clermont, KY           60% ABV
  • Bottled at a higher proof for more pronounced flavors and smoky aroma. Deep and complex flavors of vanilla, nuts, oak, caramel, smoke.
Russell’s Reserve
  • Lawrenceburg, KY    55% ABV
  • Matured in the deepest #4 “alligator” char barrels. A balance of rich, creamy toffee and vanilla.
Templeton Rye 10 Yr
  • Templeton, IA*    52% ABV
  • Sourced from an MGP straight Rye. Spiciness, chocolate orange, caramelized figs.
  • Fairfield, CA*          47% ABV
  • Distilled in KY. 70% corn, 10% rye, 135 malted barley. Straw, peeled bananas, clove, sugary raisins and lightly spiced pepper.
Wilderness Trail  Wheat B.I.B
  •  Danville, KY           50% ABV
  • 64% corn, 24% wheat, 12% malted barley.   Mild oak, pecans, burnt vanilla, hint of leather
Willett Pot Still Reserve
  • Bardstown, KY*       47% ABV
  • Made its first appearance on the market in 2008. Floral nose with citrus and lots of honey and a herbal finish.
Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel #760
  • Kirby, WY          44% ABV
  • Brown sugar, caramel, vanilla, toasted grain, dark sweeets and  light oak.
1792 Single Barrel
  • Bardstown, KY         49.3% ABV
  • Butterscotch, citrus, almonds, ginger, bite and heat of a rye.



Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery

Old RipVan Winkle 10 yr.   
  •  53.5% ABV      
  •  Caramel-nut-fudge, peppery spices, bold.
Van Winkle “Lot B “ 12yr.    
  • 45.2% ABV
  •  Toffee, brown spices, almond dryness, lengthy finish.

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

George T. Stagg  2017
  • Frankfort, KY   64.6% ABV
  • 309 barrels bottled from 4 different warehouses. Dried raisins & brown sugar, cigar box, leather, tannic oak.


Thomas Handy Sazerac Rye 2017
  •  Frankfort, KY   63.6% ABV
  •  72 barrels bottled from 3 floors of 3 different warehouses. Orange rind, spicy blend of all-spice & baking spice.



High Rye Mash Bill Bourbon

  • Bardstown, KY   46.85% ABV
  • Made from Barton’s signature high rye recipe. Unmistakable spice mingles with sweet caramel and vanilla.
1792 Full Proof  
  • Bardstown, KY   62.5% ABV
  • Barton’s 1792 at Cask Strength.  Buttery with intense vanilla, caramel, dried cherries and light smoke.
1792  Bottle in Bond   
  • Bardstown, KY   50.% ABV
  • 7th release of Barton’s special edition offerings. Hints of spice, almond, nutmeg with heavy dry oak notes
Basil Hayden’s
  • Clermont, KY   40% ABV
  • Light bodied, high rye bourbon. “Artfully aged to taste” by Beam. Tea, peppermint, spicy, peppery, some honey, citrus overtones, clean finish.
Basil Hayden Subtle Smoke
  • Clermont, KY   40% ABV
  • Traditional Basil Hayden that rests an extra 6 months in Hickory Smoked barrels adding a smokiness through out.
Basil Hayden Toasted
  • Clermont, KY   40% ABV
  • Mash bill with brown rice instead of rye. A blend of bourbons aged in both toasted and level 4 char barrels. Brown rice sweetness, caramelized sugar & toasted wood.
Basil Hayden Red Wine Cask Finish
  • Clermont, KY   40% ABV
  • Basil Hayden finished in California red wine barrels. Dried fruits, vanilla, toasted oak.
Belle Meade Sour Mash
  • Nashville, TN*   45.2% ABV
  • Sharp Spiciness, vanilla, light floral and citrus and molasses.
Bib & Tucker 6 Yr
  • Sonoma, CA*   46% ABV
  • A mash bill of 70% corn, 26% rye, and 4% malt. Double distilled and filtered ala Tennessee bourbon. Strong vanilla, fresh cut grass, wet stone, leather and  a hint of sweetness that evolves into spicy, chest-nutty taste.
  • Louisville, KY*   45% ABV
  • A mash bill of 68% corn, 28% rye, and 4% malted barley. Gentle spiciness, oak, maple, and nutmeg with a long dry, toffee finish.
Bulleit   Barrel Strength
  • Louisville, KY*   61.7% ABV
  • High Rye mash bill, un-cut
Bulleit   “Blenders select”
  • Louisville, KY*   50% ABV
  • A blend of 3 9yr distillates selected by Master blender Eboni Major. Dried fruit, honey, vanilla bean, finish of sweet cream & toasted oak.
Bulleit 10 Yr
  • Louisville, KY*   45.6% ABV
  • An annual release with a mash bill of 68% corn, 28% rye, 4% malted barley. Rich oaky aromas, dried fruits, vanilla, and a long smoky finish.
Copper Sea Excelsior
  • Hudson Valley, NY   48% ABV
  • A mash bill of 55% corn, 35% rye,10% malted barley then aged in New York oak barrels for less than a year. Musty haystack, baking spice, cola, and a dry lingering spice finish.
David Nicholson Reserve
  • St. Louis, MO*   50.% ABV
  • Apple skins, earthy, heavy rye spiciness with brown butter.
Driftless Glen
  •  Baraboo, WI.   48.% ABV
  • Grain to glass distillery with locally sourced grains. Iced tea, orange, walnuts and earthy tones.
Duke Small Batch
  • Lawrenceburg, KY* 44% ABV
  • Blended to replicate and honor the taste and profile preferred by John Wayne. Maybe! Sweet charred oak, roasted nuts, leather with hints of banana taffy, pepper, spice, and crème caramel.
Four Roses Small Batch
  • Lawrenceburg, KY   45% ABV
  • Four original and limited mature bourbons blended together. Rich, spicy flavors, sweet fruity aroma, hint of sweet oak and caramel.
Fox & Oden Bourbon
  • Holland, MI   49.5% ABV
  • Blend of MGP Juice aged 8 to 15 yrs. Salted caramel, spice, butterscotch.
45th Parallel Straight
  • New Richmond, WI  49.2% ABV
  • Full circle production all within a 8 mile radius. Sweet Graininess, hints of cinnamon and hot spice.
Grand Traverse Straight
  • Grand Traverse MI    45% ABV
  • 60% corn, 30% rye, 10% malted barley Smoky hardwood, nutmeg, caramel, vanilla bean & cigar box
Henry McKenna 10 yr B.I.B.
  • Bardstown, KY    50% ABV
  • Single barrel release by Heaven Hill. Distinct rye spice, mint, orange peel, touch of menthol & citrus.
I.W. Harper Cabernet Cask
  • Tullahoma, TN*  45 % ABV
  • Heaven Hill sourced juice additionally aged in California Cabernet barrels. Sweet dark cherries, creme brulee & caramel chew.
I.W. Harper 15yr               
  • Tullahoma, TN*   43% ABV
  • 13% Rye in the mash bill, sourced from Heaven Hill. Dark fruit, spice, cinnamon, grain.
John Drum Private Stock
  • Bardstown KY*   50.5% ABV
  • Owned by Willett Distilling Co. Sweet caramel, hint of custard, tobacco and leather.
Michter’s US*1 Small Batch
  • Shiverly, KY   46.6% ABV
  • Each batch is typically composed of less than two dozen barrels. Rich caramel, stone fruits, smoky depth with an oak finish.
Nelson Brothers Classic
  • Nashville, TN   45% ABV
  • High rye sourced whiskies from TN, KY, IN. Banana bread, butterscotch, fruit cherries, hint of peanut butter.
Nelson Brothers Reserve
  • Nashville, TN   53.9% ABV
  • Brown butter, orange peel, cinnamon, baking spice.
Noah’s Mill
  • Bardstown, KY   57.15% ABV
  • Part of the Willett Small Batch Boutique Bourbon Collection. Leather, oak, smoke, minty rye with a creamy molasses, toffee, caramel and chocolate finish.
  • Burdett, NY   45.5% ABV
  • A mash bill of 70% corn, 20% rye, 10% malted barley then finished in local Chardonnay barrels. Earthy, tobacco, leather and dark fruits with a buttery round finish.
Old Ezra 7 year Barrel Strength
  • Bardstown, KY*   58.5% ABV
  • Sourced from either Heaven Hill or Barton. Dark fruits, nutmeg, honey, spice & brown sugar.
Old Grand Dad BIB
  • Clermont, KY*   50% ABV
  • Beam-Suntory Distillate. Fireball candy, dark fruit, baking spices, seasoned oak.
Old Grand Dad 114
  • Clermont, KY*   57% ABV
  • 63% corn, 27% rye, 10% malted barley. Bold cinnamon, brown sugar, rye spice, orange zest.
Old Forester Classic
  • Louisville, KY   43% ABV
  • Originally created in 1870 “America’s First Bottled Bourbon”. Sharp, sweet, strong floral character, with mint, tobacco, sweet corn, spice, oak and orange notes.
Old Forester 1870 Original Batch
  • Louisville, KY   45% ABV
  • 3 barrels from different production dates, entry proofs, and age profiles. Clove, cinnamon, nutmeg with citrus fruits and soft lingering finish.
Old Forester 1897 Bottled In Bond
  • Louisville, KY   50% ABV
  • 2nd release in the Whiskey Row Series that honors the Bottled-In-Bond Act. Oak, leather, and smoke on the nose with a minty strong rye finish of toffee, caramel, fudge and peppermint.
Old Forester Statesman 
  • Louisville, KY   47.50% ABV
  • Named  from the 2017 The Kingsman: The Golden Circle  movie. Cooked cherries, light oak, stone fruit, and toasted marshmallows.
Old Forester Prohibition 1910             
  • Louisville, KY   46.5% ABV
  • 2nd barreling of mature O. F. bourbon in a heavy char barrel.  Sweet oatmeal raisin cookie, toffee, cedar and a evolving spice.
Old Forester Prohibition 1920             
  • Louisville, KY   57.5% ABV
  • Dark caramel, coriander, green peppercorn,  long smoky finish and  a graham cracker sweetness.
Old Forester Signature 100 Proof
  • Louisville, KY   50% ABV
  • Hand-picked barrels with a mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, 10% barley. Sweet, creamy laced with chocolate and oak.
Old Pogue Masters Select
  • Maysville, KY*   45.5% ABV
  • Resurgence of Old Pogue distillery of the 1900’s. Cotton candy, wintergreen, mint and spices
Pure Kentucky XO
  • Bardstown, KY*   53.5% ABV
  • Part of the Willett Small Batch Boutique Bourbon Collection. Spicy rye with leather, big vanilla followed by wood and some saltiness.
Remus Repeal Reserve
  • Lawrenceburg, IN   47% ABV
  • Blend of 3 different MGP high rye bourbons. Toasted corn, nutmeg, dark fruit, honey, spice, and oak.
Rough Rider Double Cask
  • Balting Hollow, NY   45% ABV
  • A mash bill of 60% corn, 35% rye, 5% barley, with a 2nd maturation in used Merlot and Chardonnay casks. Perfume, herbal, smooth creamy with a sherry, and vanilla cola finish.
Rowan’s Creek
  • Bardstown, KY*   50.05% ABV
  • Part of the Willett Small Batch Boutique Bourbon Collection. Spicy, mint, classic caramel and vanilla with lite cedar notes.
Sonoma County West of Kentucky #3
  • Sonoma, CA   46.5% ABV
  • Midwest corn, Canadian rye, Wyoming malted barley.  Subtle wintergreen, clove, baking spice, and vanilla.
Smoke Wagon
  • Las Vegas, NV   50% ABV
  • Sourced from MPG of Indiana with a 36% rye Bourbon Mash Bill. Heavy spice, toasted brown sugar, sweet molasses & tobacco.
Smoke Wagon Un-Cut, Un-Filtered
  • Las Vegas, NV   57.2% ABV
  • Blend of 4 and 8 yr MGP bourbons. Black pepperm spice, apricots, chocolate, ginger.
Two James Grass Widow                                 
  • Detroit, MI *    45.5% ABV
  • 36% rye  aged in new oak then finished in ex-madeira barrels. Roasted cashews, almonds with intense spice both sweet and hot.
Wilderness Trail  Small Batch B.I.B            
  • Danville, KY   50% ABV
  • 64% corn, 24% rye, 12% malted barley. Cracked pepper, sugary fruits, graham cracker, sweet mesquite smoke
Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select
  • Versailles, KY   45.2% ABV
  • A mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, 10% barley. Triple copper-pot distilled. Rich dried fruits, mint, vanilla, tobacco spice, toffee, caramel, citrus and cocoa notes with a crisp clean finish.
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
  • Versailles, KY   45.2% ABV
  • Matured in separate, charred barrels with  the 2nd barrel deeply toasted. Vanilla and cigar leaf nose with a chocolate, oak dryness.

Other Bourbon

1783 Evan Williams
  • Bardstown, KY   45% ABV
  • Mash bill of 78% corn, 12% malted barley, 10% rye. Marshmallow, leather, light caramel swirl, light oak.
  • Copperstown, NY   45% ABV
  • Blend of MGP & distilleries own juice. Raw corn grain, buttered popcorn, oatmeal & mint
Beam Signature Craft Quarter Cask                   
  • Frankfort, KY   43% ABV
  • Beam liquid aged at least 5years then finished with a variety of unique quarter cask liquids aged between 4-8 years in smaller barrels. Full bodied, well balanced with a heavy oak.
Beam Signature Craft 12 Yr.
  • Frankfort, KY   43% ABV
  • Crafted from Beam bourbons aged at least 12 years. Lighter bodied for a 12-year bourbon with deep vanilla and lots of oak.
Beam Signature Craft Rare Spanish Brandy
  • Frankfort, KY   43% ABV
  • Bourbon aged 11 years then finished with a touch of Rare Spanish Brandy. Lush, slightly sweet with hints of fruit.
Beam Harvest Collection Soft Red Wheat
  • Frankfort, KY   45% ABV
  • Made with soft red wheat from KY and IN. then aged 11 years. Gentle spice with a slight brown sugar sweetness with a light-bodied finish.
Beam Harvest Collection Brown Rice
  • Frankfort, KY   45% ABV
  • Brown rice, corn and barley make up the mash which is aged for 11 years. Full bodied, sweet potato, brown sugar and toasted grain.
Beam Harvest Collection 6 Row Barley
  • Frankfort KY   45% ABV
  • Made with barley to produce a heavy grain note to the mash which is then  aged 11 years. Oak, light spice, toasted grain and a lighter bodied finish.
Beam Harvest Collection High Rye
  • Frankfort, KY   45% ABV
  • Aged 11 years with ample rye in the mash (the total amount isn’t disclosed) Robust spice and rich oaky smoke.
Beam Harvest Collection Triticale
  • Frankfort, KY   45% ABV
  • Made with Triticale, a wheat-rye hybrid then aged 11 years. Very rye like on the nose with cloves, nutmeg, apple pie and baked dessert pastries on the palate.
Clyde May’s Alabama Style            
  • Concuh Ridge, AL.*    46% ABV
  • Story goes -oven dried apples are added to a blend of 5&6-year-old bourbons. Stewed apples, baking spices and pressed cider.
Hardins Creek ‘Jacob’s Well’
  • Clermont, KY    54% ABV
  • Blend of 15 yr high rye & 16 yr traditional bourbon. Dried raisins, light nutmeg, tobacco, hint of spice.
Heaven Hill 7yr. B.I.B.
  • Bardstown, KY   50% ABV
  • 78% corn, 12% malted barley, 10% rye. Tobacco, honey, graham cracker with a oak dryness in the finish
High West Bourbon
  • Park City, UT*   46% ABV
  • Blend of 3 straight bourbons; 2 yr from MGP, 6 and 13 yr from KY.  Sweet, cotton candy, buttered corn, and pecan pie.
Hillrock Estate Barbados Rum Cask
  • Hudson Valley, NY   59% ABV
  • Solera aged bourbon finished in sweet rum casks. Caramelized sugars, molasses intertwined with vanilla & toasted almond.
Hillrock Estate Solera Aged
  • Hudson Valley, NY   46.3% ABV
  • Solera System of Estate bourbon finished in 20-year-old Oloroso sherry cask. Dried fruits, oak, spice, floral notes, brown sugar, cinnamon and molasses.
Hudson Baby Bourbon
  • Gardiner, NY   46% ABV
  • 100% NY State corn, 90% sourced within 10 miles of distillery, aged in 3gallon barrels. Rich, oak, smoke flavor with mellow notes of vanilla and caramel.
Hudson 4 Grain
  • Gardiner, NY   46% ABV
  • Batch #18, a mash bill of 60% corn, rye, wheat and barley. Rich and peppery with a long smooth finish.
Isaac Bowman Port Barrel Finish
  • Fredericksburg, VA*   46.0% ABV
  • Aged 3-6 months prior to blending in Portugal Port barrels. Earthy & sweet, bit of oak.
Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea
  • Louisville, KY*   41.15% ABV
  • 6-7-year-old bourbon placed on a ship and sailed around the world to age.  Oak, cinnamon pops, cherries, brown sugar and salt brine.
Jefferson’s Reserve
  • Louisville, KY*   45.1% ABV
  • Four different recipes of bourbon blended together. Big, bold with hints of spice, toffee and leather.
Jefferson’s Very Small Batch
  • Louisville, KY*   45.15% ABV
  • Blend of sourced juice & bottled in Kentucky. Caramel syrup, dark fruit, honey, touch of spice.
Joseph Magnus
  • Washington, DC   50% ABV
  • Blend of sourced juice from Indiana & Kentucky distilleries. Rich deep flavors, notes of orange citrus, dried dark fruit & vanilla.
J.Henry & Sons
  • Dane, MI   46% ABV
  • A 4-grain mash that includes Red Corn developed by U of Wisconsin.  Sweet corn, dark cocoa, allspice, toffee and creamy custard.
J.Henry & Sons Cognac Cask
  • Dane, MI   51.5% ABV
  • Additional aged 8 months in cognac casks & cut with Petit Eau. Sweet corn, toffee, caramel, creamy vanilla, all-spice.
Journeyman Featherbone
  • Three Oaks, MI   45% ABV
  • A mash bill of 70% corn, 20% Michigan wheat, rye and malted barley. Classic vanilla sweetness with hints of malt, spice and tobacco.
Kentucky Owl Confiscated
  • Lacassine, LA*   48.2% ABV
  • Sourced from undisclosed distillery in Kentucky. Roasted grain, clove, nutmeg, dark fruit, orange, touch of pine.
Kentucky Owl Takumi
  • Lacassine, LA*   50% ABV
  • Takumi means master. Undisclosed blend of 4, 5, 6 & 13 yr bourbons, Summer fruit, light caramel, dry leather, raisins.
Laws Four Grain Bonded
  • Denver, CO   50% ABV
  • 60% corn, 20% heirloom wheat, 10% rye, 10% malted barley. Black tea, honey, cinnamon, orange peel.
Legent—Beam / Suntory
  • Clermont, KY   43% ABV
  • A blend of 3 Beam barrels finished in sherry, French oak red wine & ex-bourbon barrels. Dried fruit, brown sugar, floral, with hints of leather
Milam & Greene Triple Cask
  • Blanco, TX   47% ABV
  • Blend of 2-3 yr MGP, 3-4 & 10-11 Tennessee Whiskeys. Caramel, sweet nose, crisp apple, creamy graind.
Milam & Greene Castle Hill Series 13 Yr
  • Blanco, TX   55.5% ABV
  • Named after the Texas Military Institute “The Castle” Almond, citrus, chocolate, oak & tobacco, alcohol heat.
Murray Hill Club
  • Washington, DC   51.5% ABV
  • Blend of 18 11 yr old bourbon & 9 yr whiskey. Toasty, buttery, notes of vanilla, chai tea, spice, dried fruits.
New Holland Beer Barrel
  • Holland, MI*   40% ABV
  • Bourbon is aged an additional 3 months in Dragon’s Milk Stout barrels. Biscuit, malt, toffee and caramel.
Old Log Cabin
  • Seattle, WA   43% ABV
  • A Mash bill of 51% corn, 49% malted barley that is aged 19 months. Sweet grainy, barnyard nose, hints of vanilla, corn and malt.
Rieger’s BIB – Spring 2017
  • Kansas City, MO*   50% ABV
  • 56% corn, 30% rye, 14% malted barley. Sweet tea, cornbread, dark roast coffee with tannins on the finish.
Smooth Ambler Contradiction  
  •  Maxwelton, WV   46% ABV
  • Blend of 2yr Smooth Ambler wheated and MGP 21% rye bourbons. Sweet corn, light cherry, pepper, hints of oak.
Sonoma County West of Kentucky #1
  • Sonoma, CA   47.8% ABV
  • A mash of Un-malted American yellow corn, un-malted Canadian rye, and cherrywood smoked malted barley from Wyoming. Maraschino cherry, light smoke, allspice, vanilla, and sarsaparilla.
Straight Edge
  • Napa, CA*    42% ABV
  • A blend of 5, 7, and 8 yr KY and TN bourbons with a 70% corn, rye and wheat mash bill finished in Orin Swift Mercury Head barrels. Maple, spice, honey, orange peel, intense caramel and hints of campfire.
Town Branch
  • Lexington, KY   45% ABV
  • Lexington bourbon aged beers go at distilling. Sweet, smoky orange, earthy tone from high malt mash bill.
Town Branch True Cask
  • Lexington, KY   54% ABV
  • 50/50 blend of a higher mash bill & sourced Kentucky bourbon. Baked apples, apricot, toasted cinnamon, touch of oak & heat.
Wyoming Whiskey Sherry Cask
  • Kirby, WY   50% ABV
  • Double cask in Pedro Ximenez barrels. Dried apricot, fig, black currant, vanilla butter cream, and baking spice.

Wheated Mash Bill Bourbon

1792 Sweet Wheat   
  • Bardstown, KY   46.85% ABV
  • Sweet oak, caramel, faint tobacco and bit of dryness.
Cody Road Straight
  • Le Claire, IA   45% ABV
  • 70% corn, 20% wheat, and 10% unmalted barley then aged 2 yrs in 30 gallonbarrels which are about half the size of traditional barrels. Iowa sweet corn, grain, full mouth feel and smooth nutty finish.
Douglas & Todd                     
  • Osakis, MN   46.5% ABV
  • Collaboration between Philips & Panther distilleries in MN. Sweet, honey, wood & hints of fruit.
Garrison Brothers Fall 2013
  • Hye, TX   47% ABV
  • Made from local corn, estate wheat, and rainwater then aged 2 years in oak.  Nilla wafers, white chocolate, brown sugar, apricot cobbler, gingerbread, spicy finish of corn tortillas and chili powder.
Garrison Brothers Spring 2014
  • Hye, TX   47% ABV
  • Made from local corn, estate wheat, and rainwater then aged 2 years in oak. Light oak, cinnamon, peanut butter, apricots, figs, orange marmalade with a pepper, spicy and hot finish.
Garrison Brothers Fall 2015
  • Hye, TX   47% ABV
  • Made from local corn, estate wheat, and rainwater then aged 2 years in oak.Fresh cut grass, flowers, sweet rock candy, caramel, peanut butter, roasted pumpkin seeds with hints of orange zest, tobacco and tea.
Larceny Very Special Small Batch
  • Bardstown, KY   46% ABV
  • A wheated bourbon selected to have the flavor profile of a 6 year Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Fresh bread and toffee with butterscotch notes with a honey sweet finish.
Larceny Barrel Proof    
  • Bardstown, KY   60.5% ABV
  • 1st of 3 annual releases. Cotton candy, hints of all-spice, taffy, light oak, nose of box of matches.
Maker’s Mark
  • Loretto, KY   45% ABV
  • Mash bill of 70% corn, 16% wheat, 14% barley then aged to Makers taste. Woody oak, caramel, vanilla and wheat nose with a smooth fruit essence.
Maker’s Mark 101 ‘Travelers Exclusive’
  • Loretto, KY   50.5% ABV
  • Released initially for duty free shops. Burnt caramel, butterscotch, oak, cinnamon burst on the finish.
Maker’s 46
  • Loretto, KY   47% ABV
  • 10 French oak staves are seared than inserted into a barrel and topped with finished Maker’s. Only produced in the winter. Bolder flavors of oak, vanilla, caramel, and spice than regular Maker’s.
Maker’s Mark Cask Strength
  • Loretto, KY   55.7% ABV
  • Straight from the barrel to the bottle between 108 and 114 proof. Lots of oak, vanilla, spice with smoky charcoal and a longer finish.
Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight
  • St Louis, MO. *   40% ABV
  • Honey, butter, plum, with a hint of spice
Sonoma County West of Kentucky #2
  • Sonoma, CA   47.5% ABV
  • Double-distilled in Alembic still by direct flame. Maple syrup, barbecue smoke, cinnamon and all-spice.
W.L. Weller 12year
  • Frankfort, KY   50% ABV
  • Same mash bill as Pappy  van Winkle just younger.   Almond, creamed corn, toasted vanilla and oak on the finish.
Old Weller Antique
  • Frankfort, KY   53.5% ABV
  • Made by Buffalo Trace with the same mash bill as Pappy Van Winkle. Sweet, floral notes, strong vanilla, sharp spice with a cinnamon finish.
W.L. Weller Special Reserve
  • Frankfort, KY   45% ABV
  • Cherry, Dark fruit, Butterscotch with a sharp finish.
Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch
  • Kirby, WY    44% ABV
  • Uses only Wyoming grains from the Big Horn Basin and local water from a limestone aquifer. Batch #27.Moderate fruit and floral notes with a mild smooth finish.

Traditional Mash Bill Bourbon

Angel’s Envy Port Finish
  • Louisville, KY*   43.3% ABV
  • Blended in small batches of 8-10 barrels at a time then finished for 3 to 6 months in French oak ruby port barrels. Vanilla, raisins, maple syrup, toasted nuts, ripe fruit, bitter chocolate with a lingering sweetness.
Baker’s 7 Yr
  • Clermont, KY   53.5% ABV
  • Mash bill of 73% corn, 13% rye, and 10% barley. Burnt brown sugar, toasted almonds, dried stone fruit, touch of molasses with a hint of spice and heat on the finish.
Blade & Bow 12 Yr
  • Louisville, KY*   45.5% ABV
  • Solera aged with stock from Stitzel-Weller pre-1992. Dried apricots, ripe pear, sweet roasted grain, charred oak and a finish of warm winter spices.
Booker’s  “ Annis Answer”
  • Clermont, KY   63.35% ABV
  • Batch# 2016-02. A blend of 4 different barrels. Named for a wedding proposal. Deep robust flavors of vanilla, nuts and oak with hints of smoke.
Booker’s  “Toogie’s Invitation”
  • Clermont, KY   64.5% ABV
  • Batch# 2016-03. Aged 6 years 5 mo and 4 days. Named after a long time. Family friend. Dark Amber, robust vanilla, nuts, oak and slight smoke.
Booker’s  “ Bluegill Creek”
  • Clermont, KY   64% ABV
  • Batch# 2016-04. Aged 6 yrs 5 mo, and  28 days. Fred & Bookers favorite Pastime fishing for bluegill. Toasted grain, grassiness, toasted grain, and sweet vanilla.
Booker’s  “ Noe Hard Times”
  • Clermont, KY   63.90% ABV
  • Batch# 2016-06. Aged 6 yrs 10 mo, and  1 days. Booker Noes nickname. Big vanilla, baked corn, roasted peanuts and cinnamon sticks
Booker’s  “Tommy’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   64.25% ABV
  • Batch# 2017-01. Aged 6 years 4 mo and 6 days.  Running out of stories. Dried strawberries, cinnamon, peanuts, toffee and oak.
Booker’s  “ Blue Knight ”
  • Clermont, KY   63.70% ABV
  • Batch# 2017-02. Aged 6 yrs 3 mo, and  6 days. Blend of 6 different barrels. Aged in 4 different warehouses. Named after motorcycle group.                                    Dark fruit, cocoa, leather, toffee, oak roasted peanuts.
Booker’s  “ Front Porch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.95% ABV
  • Batch# 2017-03. Aged 6 yrs 5 mo, and  25 days. 7 different production dates from 3 different warehouses.. Named after Noe favorite spot at the house. Toasted marshmallow, burnt caramel, hot black pepper finish.
Booker’s  “ Kathleen’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   63.70% ABV
  • Batch# 2018-01. Aged 6 yrs 3mo, and  14 days. 5 different production dates from 3 different warehouses. Named after Bookers first brand manager. Butterscotch, brown sugar, dried cherries and allspice.
Booker’s  “ Backyard BBQ”
  • Clermont, KY   64.40% ABV
  • Batch# 2018-02. Aged 6 yrs 2mo, and  10 days. 77% corn,13% rye. Named after Bookers love for hosting good old fashion cookouts.
Booker’s  “ Kentucky Chew ”
  • Clermont, KY   63.35% ABV
  • Batch# 2018-03. Aged 6 yrs 4 mo, and 12 days. Named after Booker Noes’ bourbon tasting technique. 77% corn, 13% rye, 10% malted barley. Dark sweets, candied citrus, roasted nuts and huge baking spice.
Booker’s  “ Kitchen Table ”
  • Clermont, KY   64.00% ABV
  • Batch# 2018-04. Aged 6 yrs 8 mo, and 7 days. Named in honor of a family heirloom.75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley. Brown sugar, cinnamon, peanuts, cocoa, pepper and hint of leather.
Booker’s  “ Teresa’s Batch ”
  • Clermont, KY   62.95% ABV
  • Batch# 2019-01. Aged 6 yrs 3 mo, and 1 days. Named after a longtime Beam distillery employee. 76% corn, 13%rye, 11% malted barley. Characteristic brown sugar, vanilla, spicy & sweet.
Booker’s  “ Shiny Barrel Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62% ABV
  • Batch# 2019-02. Aged 6 yrs 5 mo, and  1 days.  Named after barrels that had been sample one to many times, each time a barrel was sampled dusk was wiped off making it clean or shiny. Charred oak, big vanilla, butterscotch, lingering heat.
Booker’s “Country Ham”
  • Clermont, KY   62.3% ABV
  • Batch# 2019-03. Aged 6 years, 4 months, 2 days. Named for Booker Noe’s backyard smokehouse, sweet heat, brown sugar, hints of vanilla
Booker’s “Beaten Biscuits”
  • Clermont, KY   62.3% ABV
  • Batch# 2019-04. Aged 6yrs, 4 months, 2 days. Named after cracker like biscuits that Booker made. Robust vanilla, caramel, nuts, oak, and slightly smoky
Booker’s “Granny’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.3% ABV
  • Batch# 2020-01. Aged 6yrs, 4 months, 21 days. Named after  Noe’s grandmother Margaret Beam. Spice, hints of vanilla, alcohol warmth, sweet lingering finish.
Booker’s “Boston Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   63.25% ABV
  • Batch# 2020-02. Aged 6yrs, 3 months, 10 days. Named for Booker Noes first distillery jobs location. Toasted nuts, hints of baking spice & vanilla.
Booker’s “Pigskin Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   64.5% ABV
  • Batch# 2020-03. Aged 6yrs, 7 months, 7 days. Named for you guessed it, football. Big bold, candied orange peel with rye spice.
Booker’s “Donohoes Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.6% ABV
  • Batch# 2021-01. Aged 6yrs, 11 months, 4 days. Named after a valued employee of Booker Noe. Vanilla bean, whipped cream, bitter almonds, & tannic oak.
Booker’s “Tagalong Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   63.95% ABV
  • Batch# 2021-02. Aged 6yrs, 5 months, 4 days. Freddie would follow Booker & Jim Beam around. Baking spice, peanut butter, leather, dried dark fruit.
Booker’s “Bardstown Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.75% ABV
  • Batch# 2021-03. Aged 6yrs, 5 months. Booker Noe spent time in Bardstown. Full body, brown sugar, caramel, baking spice, wood tones.
Booker’s “Noe Strangers Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2021-04. Aged 6yrs, 6 months, 12 days. Booker Now always had room at his table. Traditional Bookers profile with added heat.
Booker’s “Ronnie’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.15% ABV
  • Batch# 2022-01. Aged 6yrs, 11 months, 22 days. Named after Ronnie Land, long time employee. Cinnamon spice, black pepper, leather and caramel.
Booker’s “Lumber Yard Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.4% ABV
  • Batch# 2022-02. Aged 7yrs, 1 month, 11 days. Booker Noe’s pre-distilling occupation. Robust vanilla oak, slightly smoky, long caramel notes.
Booker’s “Pinkie’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   61.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2022-04. Aged 6 yrs, 10 months, 10 days. Fred Booker Noes nickname. Brown spice, rich vanilla, peanut brittle, salted caramel.
Booker’s “Kentucky Tea Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   63.25% ABV
  • Batch# 2022-03. Aged 7yrs, 4 months, 14 days. A tribute to watered down bourbon. Baked apples, cinnamon, raisins, bitter coffee.
Booker’s “Tara’s Batch
  • Aurora, IL   100% ABV
  • Batch# 1992-10. Aged 31 yrs, 25 days. Overwhelmingly vanilla notes with a little sweetness and spicy finish.
Booker’s “Charles Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   61.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2023-01. Aged 7 yrs, 1 month, 8 days. Maker of the Bookers packaging box. Toasted almond, slight oak & wood with signature vanilla notes.
Booker’s “Apprentice Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.75% ABV
  • Batch# 2023-02. Aged 7 yrs, 1 month, 2 days. Bookers start with cousin Carl Beam. Caramel, pecans, tobacco, cherries, leather, mouth coating warmth.
Booker’s “Mighty Fine Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   61.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2023-03. Aged 7 yrs, 1 month, 10 days. Bookers go-to-phase. Cinnamon red hots, brown sugar tobacco leaf.
Booker’s “Charles Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   61.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2023-01. Aged 7 yrs, 1 month, 8 days. Maker of the Bookers packaging box. Toasted almond, slight oak & wood with signature vanilla notes.
Bowman Bros.
  • Fredericksburg, VA*   45% ABV
  • Triple distilled in copper with corn, rye and malted barley in the mash bill. Sweet maple syrup and vanilla with a rye spice edge.
Calumet Farms                 
  • Bowling Green, KY*   43% ABV
  • Named for the famous Kentucky Derby winning horse farm. Wood and vanilla balanced with complex flavors of light brown sugar plus soft white pepper.
Cedar Ridge
  • Swisher, IA   40% ABV
  • Grain to glass distillery, first licensed since prohibition  Sweet nose, honey, lemon, soft oak, slight tobacco on the finish
Eagle Rare 10 Yr
  • Frankfort, KY   45% ABV
  • Made from Buffalo Trace’s lower rye mash bill #1. Technically no longer a single barrel – but it still is, just not hand bottled. Aromas of toffee, orange peel, honey, and herbs gives to leather, oak, candied almonds and rich cocoa.
Early Times BIB
  • Louisville, KY   50% ABV
  • 79% corn, 11% rye, 10% malted barley. 2017 release of a 1950’s popular bourbon. Citrus, sweet caramel, peppery rye pop.
E.H. Taylor, Jr. Barrel Proof
  • Frankfort, KY   63.6% ABV
  • Bottled directly from the barrel, un-cut and un-filtered. Cooked berries with rich caramel, slightly floral, bold spice and pepper.
E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch
  • Frankfort, KY   50% ABV
  • Raw corn, raw grains, oak spice and notes of vanilla.
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
  • Bardstown, KY   69.4% ABV
  • Released quarterly, un-cut and un-filtered, aged12 years.   Butterscotch, vanilla, caramel, apple, orange, black pepper and cinnamon.
Elijah Craig Small Batch
  • Bardstown, KY   47% ABV
  • 12 year expression bottled exclusively from a 100 barrels or less. Vanilla, maple, caramel give way to rye spiciness, strong oak with a lingering finish of pepper and cinnamon.
Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel
  • Bardstown, KY   47% ABV
  • 78% Corn, 12% Rye. Barrels are toasted not charred for the 2nd cask. Toasted marshmellow, granny smith apples. graham cracker with candy heat on finish.
Hancock’s Presidents Reserve
  • Frankfort, KY *   44.45% ABV
  • Apple, light caramel, sweet with a mild touch of oak.
Hirsch Small Batch Reserve
  • Bardstown, KY*   46% ABV
  • Aged at least 4 years. Oaky, savory, with dried fruits, dates, and maple.
Jim Beam Black XA
  • Frankfort, KY   43% ABV
  • “Extra Aged” years longer than Jim Beam White Label.  Cedar, smoke, hints of vanilla and butterscotch.
Jim Beam Double Oak
  • Frankfort, KY   43% ABV
  • 4 year old Beam additional aged to taste. Dark fruit, dry corn, leather, vanilla.
Kentucky Vintage Small Batch
  • Bardstown, KY   45% ABV
  • Light yet easy drinker from the Willett Small Batch Boutique Collection. Citrus, honey clover, ginger, butter, apples, white pepper, almonds and evergreen in the finish.


Knob Creek Small Batch 9 Yr
  • Clermont, KY  50% ABV
  • Part of the Beam Small Batch Collection. Placed in barrels with a #4 char. Maple sugar aroma, distinctive sweetness and a rich, woody, caramel flavor.
Knob Creek Small Batch 12 Yr
  • Clermont, KY  50% ABV
  • 77% corn, 13% rye, 10% malted barley. Rich oak, vanilla, marshmallow, tobacco leaf, dry finish.
Old Bardstown B.I.B.
  • Bardstown, KY   50% ABV
  • 72% corn, 13% rye from Willett Distillery Molasses, butterscotch, faint oak.
Old Bardstown Estate Bottled
  • Bardstown, KY   50.5% ABV
  • Willett Distrillery. Mint, spark of sherry, copper , touch spice & fresh herbs.
Peerless Small Batch Barrel Proof Bourbon
  • Louisville, KY   54.05% ABV
  • Sweet mash, Non-chill filtered. Butterscotch, toasted marshmallows, tobacco, ripe fruit & spice.
Russell’s Reserve 10yr.
  • Lawrenceburg, KY   45% ABV
  • Reflects the combines 85 years of experience of Jimmy & Eddie Russell. Oak, vanilla, toffee with notes of white pepper & orange peel.
Tom’s Foolery ‘Bonded’  Batch #1
  • Chagrin Falls, OH  50% ABV
  • Twice distilled in the original Michter’s Copper Pot Stills. Cherry candy, orchard fruit, toasted grain with a long spicy finish.
Stagg Jr.
  • Frankfort, KY  66.1% ABV
  • Uncut and unfiltered, aged for almost a decade. Rich, sweet, chocolate, brown sugar balanced with rye spiciness and hints of cherries, clove, smoke.