Traditional Mash Bill Bourbon

Angel’s Envy Port Finish
  • Louisville, KY*   43.3% ABV
  • Blended in small batches of 8-10 barrels at a time then finished for 3 to 6 months in French oak ruby port barrels. Vanilla, raisins, maple syrup, toasted nuts, ripe fruit, bitter chocolate with a lingering sweetness.
Baker’s 7 Yr
  • Clermont, KY   53.5% ABV
  • Mash bill of 73% corn, 13% rye, and 10% barley. Burnt brown sugar, toasted almonds, dried stone fruit, touch of molasses with a hint of spice and heat on the finish.
Blade & Bow 12 Yr
  • Louisville, KY*   45.5% ABV
  • Solera aged with stock from Stitzel-Weller pre-1992. Dried apricots, ripe pear, sweet roasted grain, charred oak and a finish of warm winter spices.
Booker’s  “ Annis Answer”
  • Clermont, KY   63.35% ABV
  • Batch# 2016-02. A blend of 4 different barrels. Named for a wedding proposal. Deep robust flavors of vanilla, nuts and oak with hints of smoke.
Booker’s  “Toogie’s Invitation”
  • Clermont, KY   64.5% ABV
  • Batch# 2016-03. Aged 6 years 5 mo and 4 days. Named after a long time. Family friend. Dark Amber, robust vanilla, nuts, oak and slight smoke.
Booker’s  “ Bluegill Creek”
  • Clermont, KY   64% ABV
  • Batch# 2016-04. Aged 6 yrs 5 mo, and  28 days. Fred & Bookers favorite Pastime fishing for bluegill. Toasted grain, grassiness, toasted grain, and sweet vanilla.
Booker’s  “ Noe Hard Times”
  • Clermont, KY   63.90% ABV
  • Batch# 2016-06. Aged 6 yrs 10 mo, and  1 days. Booker Noes nickname. Big vanilla, baked corn, roasted peanuts and cinnamon sticks
Booker’s  “Tommy’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   64.25% ABV
  • Batch# 2017-01. Aged 6 years 4 mo and 6 days.  Running out of stories. Dried strawberries, cinnamon, peanuts, toffee and oak.
Booker’s  “ Blue Knight ”
  • Clermont, KY   63.70% ABV
  • Batch# 2017-02. Aged 6 yrs 3 mo, and  6 days. Blend of 6 different barrels. Aged in 4 different warehouses. Named after motorcycle group.                                    Dark fruit, cocoa, leather, toffee, oak roasted peanuts.
Booker’s  “ Front Porch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.95% ABV
  • Batch# 2017-03. Aged 6 yrs 5 mo, and  25 days. 7 different production dates from 3 different warehouses.. Named after Noe favorite spot at the house. Toasted marshmallow, burnt caramel, hot black pepper finish.
Booker’s  “ Kathleen’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   63.70% ABV
  • Batch# 2018-01. Aged 6 yrs 3mo, and  14 days. 5 different production dates from 3 different warehouses. Named after Bookers first brand manager. Butterscotch, brown sugar, dried cherries and allspice.
Booker’s  “ Backyard BBQ”
  • Clermont, KY   64.40% ABV
  • Batch# 2018-02. Aged 6 yrs 2mo, and  10 days. 77% corn,13% rye. Named after Bookers love for hosting good old fashion cookouts.
Booker’s  “ Kentucky Chew ”
  • Clermont, KY   63.35% ABV
  • Batch# 2018-03. Aged 6 yrs 4 mo, and 12 days. Named after Booker Noes’ bourbon tasting technique. 77% corn, 13% rye, 10% malted barley. Dark sweets, candied citrus, roasted nuts and huge baking spice.
Booker’s  “ Kitchen Table ”
  • Clermont, KY   64.00% ABV
  • Batch# 2018-04. Aged 6 yrs 8 mo, and 7 days. Named in honor of a family heirloom.75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley. Brown sugar, cinnamon, peanuts, cocoa, pepper and hint of leather.
Booker’s  “ Teresa’s Batch ”
  • Clermont, KY   62.95% ABV
  • Batch# 2019-01. Aged 6 yrs 3 mo, and 1 days. Named after a longtime Beam distillery employee. 76% corn, 13%rye, 11% malted barley. Characteristic brown sugar, vanilla, spicy & sweet.
Booker’s  “ Shiny Barrel Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62% ABV
  • Batch# 2019-02. Aged 6 yrs 5 mo, and  1 days.  Named after barrels that had been sample one to many times, each time a barrel was sampled dusk was wiped off making it clean or shiny. Charred oak, big vanilla, butterscotch, lingering heat.
Booker’s “Country Ham”
  • Clermont, KY   62.3% ABV
  • Batch# 2019-03. Aged 6 years, 4 months, 2 days. Named for Booker Noe’s backyard smokehouse, sweet heat, brown sugar, hints of vanilla
Booker’s “Beaten Biscuits”
  • Clermont, KY   62.3% ABV
  • Batch# 2019-04. Aged 6yrs, 4 months, 2 days. Named after cracker like biscuits that Booker made. Robust vanilla, caramel, nuts, oak, and slightly smoky
Booker’s “Granny’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.3% ABV
  • Batch# 2020-01. Aged 6yrs, 4 months, 21 days. Named after  Noe’s grandmother Margaret Beam. Spice, hints of vanilla, alcohol warmth, sweet lingering finish.
Booker’s “Boston Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   63.25% ABV
  • Batch# 2020-02. Aged 6yrs, 3 months, 10 days. Named for Booker Noes first distillery jobs location. Toasted nuts, hints of baking spice & vanilla.
Booker’s “Pigskin Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   64.5% ABV
  • Batch# 2020-03. Aged 6yrs, 7 months, 7 days. Named for you guessed it, football. Big bold, candied orange peel with rye spice.
Booker’s “Donohoes Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.6% ABV
  • Batch# 2021-01. Aged 6yrs, 11 months, 4 days. Named after a valued employee of Booker Noe. Vanilla bean, whipped cream, bitter almonds, & tannic oak.
Booker’s “Tagalong Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   63.95% ABV
  • Batch# 2021-02. Aged 6yrs, 5 months, 4 days. Freddie would follow Booker & Jim Beam around. Baking spice, peanut butter, leather, dried dark fruit.
Booker’s “Bardstown Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.75% ABV
  • Batch# 2021-03. Aged 6yrs, 5 months. Booker Noe spent time in Bardstown. Full body, brown sugar, caramel, baking spice, wood tones.
Booker’s “Noe Strangers Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2021-04. Aged 6yrs, 6 months, 12 days. Booker Now always had room at his table. Traditional Bookers profile with added heat.
Booker’s “Ronnie’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.15% ABV
  • Batch# 2022-01. Aged 6yrs, 11 months, 22 days. Named after Ronnie Land, long time employee. Cinnamon spice, black pepper, leather and caramel.
Booker’s “Lumber Yard Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.4% ABV
  • Batch# 2022-02. Aged 7yrs, 1 month, 11 days. Booker Noe’s pre-distilling occupation. Robust vanilla oak, slightly smoky, long caramel notes.
Booker’s “Pinkie’s Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   61.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2022-04. Aged 6 yrs, 10 months, 10 days. Fred Booker Noes nickname. Brown spice, rich vanilla, peanut brittle, salted caramel.
Booker’s “Kentucky Tea Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   63.25% ABV
  • Batch# 2022-03. Aged 7yrs, 4 months, 14 days. A tribute to watered down bourbon. Baked apples, cinnamon, raisins, bitter coffee.
Booker’s “Tara’s Batch
  • Aurora, IL   100% ABV
  • Batch# 1992-10. Aged 31 yrs, 25 days. Overwhelmingly vanilla notes with a little sweetness and spicy finish.
Booker’s “Charles Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   61.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2023-01. Aged 7 yrs, 1 month, 8 days. Maker of the Bookers packaging box. Toasted almond, slight oak & wood with signature vanilla notes.
Booker’s “Apprentice Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   62.75% ABV
  • Batch# 2023-02. Aged 7 yrs, 1 month, 2 days. Bookers start with cousin Carl Beam. Caramel, pecans, tobacco, cherries, leather, mouth coating warmth.
Booker’s “Mighty Fine Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   61.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2023-03. Aged 7 yrs, 1 month, 10 days. Bookers go-to-phase. Cinnamon red hots, brown sugar tobacco leaf.
Booker’s “Charles Batch”
  • Clermont, KY   61.2% ABV
  • Batch# 2023-01. Aged 7 yrs, 1 month, 8 days. Maker of the Bookers packaging box. Toasted almond, slight oak & wood with signature vanilla notes.
Bowman Bros.
  • Fredericksburg, VA*   45% ABV
  • Triple distilled in copper with corn, rye and malted barley in the mash bill. Sweet maple syrup and vanilla with a rye spice edge.
Calumet Farms                 
  • Bowling Green, KY*   43% ABV
  • Named for the famous Kentucky Derby winning horse farm. Wood and vanilla balanced with complex flavors of light brown sugar plus soft white pepper.
Cedar Ridge
  • Swisher, IA   40% ABV
  • Grain to glass distillery, first licensed since prohibition  Sweet nose, honey, lemon, soft oak, slight tobacco on the finish
Eagle Rare 10 Yr
  • Frankfort, KY   45% ABV
  • Made from Buffalo Trace’s lower rye mash bill #1. Technically no longer a single barrel – but it still is, just not hand bottled. Aromas of toffee, orange peel, honey, and herbs gives to leather, oak, candied almonds and rich cocoa.
Early Times BIB
  • Louisville, KY   50% ABV
  • 79% corn, 11% rye, 10% malted barley. 2017 release of a 1950’s popular bourbon. Citrus, sweet caramel, peppery rye pop.
E.H. Taylor, Jr. Barrel Proof
  • Frankfort, KY   63.6% ABV
  • Bottled directly from the barrel, un-cut and un-filtered. Cooked berries with rich caramel, slightly floral, bold spice and pepper.
E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch
  • Frankfort, KY   50% ABV
  • Raw corn, raw grains, oak spice and notes of vanilla.
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
  • Bardstown, KY   69.4% ABV
  • Released quarterly, un-cut and un-filtered, aged12 years.   Butterscotch, vanilla, caramel, apple, orange, black pepper and cinnamon.
Elijah Craig Small Batch
  • Bardstown, KY   47% ABV
  • 12 year expression bottled exclusively from a 100 barrels or less. Vanilla, maple, caramel give way to rye spiciness, strong oak with a lingering finish of pepper and cinnamon.
Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel
  • Bardstown, KY   47% ABV
  • 78% Corn, 12% Rye. Barrels are toasted not charred for the 2nd cask. Toasted marshmellow, granny smith apples. graham cracker with candy heat on finish.
Hancock’s Presidents Reserve
  • Frankfort, KY *   44.45% ABV
  • Apple, light caramel, sweet with a mild touch of oak.
Hirsch Small Batch Reserve
  • Bardstown, KY*   46% ABV
  • Aged at least 4 years. Oaky, savory, with dried fruits, dates, and maple.
Jim Beam Black XA
  • Frankfort, KY   43% ABV
  • “Extra Aged” years longer than Jim Beam White Label.  Cedar, smoke, hints of vanilla and butterscotch.
Jim Beam Double Oak
  • Frankfort, KY   43% ABV
  • 4 year old Beam additional aged to taste. Dark fruit, dry corn, leather, vanilla.
Kentucky Vintage Small Batch
  • Bardstown, KY   45% ABV
  • Light yet easy drinker from the Willett Small Batch Boutique Collection. Citrus, honey clover, ginger, butter, apples, white pepper, almonds and evergreen in the finish.


Knob Creek Small Batch 9 Yr
  • Clermont, KY  50% ABV
  • Part of the Beam Small Batch Collection. Placed in barrels with a #4 char. Maple sugar aroma, distinctive sweetness and a rich, woody, caramel flavor.
Knob Creek Small Batch 12 Yr
  • Clermont, KY  50% ABV
  • 77% corn, 13% rye, 10% malted barley. Rich oak, vanilla, marshmallow, tobacco leaf, dry finish.
Old Bardstown B.I.B.
  • Bardstown, KY   50% ABV
  • 72% corn, 13% rye from Willett Distillery Molasses, butterscotch, faint oak.
Old Bardstown Estate Bottled
  • Bardstown, KY   50.5% ABV
  • Willett Distrillery. Mint, spark of sherry, copper , touch spice & fresh herbs.
Peerless Small Batch Barrel Proof Bourbon
  • Louisville, KY   54.05% ABV
  • Sweet mash, Non-chill filtered. Butterscotch, toasted marshmallows, tobacco, ripe fruit & spice.
Russell’s Reserve 10yr.
  • Lawrenceburg, KY   45% ABV
  • Reflects the combines 85 years of experience of Jimmy & Eddie Russell. Oak, vanilla, toffee with notes of white pepper & orange peel.
Tom’s Foolery ‘Bonded’  Batch #1
  • Chagrin Falls, OH  50% ABV
  • Twice distilled in the original Michter’s Copper Pot Stills. Cherry candy, orchard fruit, toasted grain with a long spicy finish.
Stagg Jr.
  • Frankfort, KY  66.1% ABV
  • Uncut and unfiltered, aged for almost a decade. Rich, sweet, chocolate, brown sugar balanced with rye spiciness and hints of cherries, clove, smoke.