Illinois Distilleries

Koval Bourbon
  • Chicago, IL   47% ABV
  • 2nd grain is Millet, a main grain of Asia and Africa. Organic Mango chutney, vanilla, peppery caramel, clove, and tobacco.
Koval Rye
  • Chicago, IL    40% ABV
  • 100% Midwest rye, organic, “heart cut”, unfiltered. Maple, candy, touch of spice.
Koval Single Barrel Four Grain
  • Chicago, IL   47% ABV
  • A mash bill of oat, malted barley, rye, and wheat. “Heart cut”grains. Organic. Banana nose, creamy and a spicy finish.
Koval Single Barrel Millet
  • Chicago, IL   40% ABV
  • 100% Midwest sourced Millet. “Heart cut”grain. Organic. Gluten-free.  Slightly sweet with star anise, licorice, and a smoky dryness.
Koval Single Barrel Oat
  • Chicago, IL   40% ABV
  • 100% Midwest sourced oats. “Heart cut” grain. Organic. Caramel and oats with a creamy finish.
Koval White Rye
  • Chicago, IL                              40% ABV
  • Unfiltered 100% Rye. Heart cut. Organic. Peppery and floral with lemon, vanilla, and spice.
Oppidan Malted
  • Wheeling, IL                            46% ABV
  • 100% rye malt that is aged &bottled at just over 1 year. Caramel, clove, pepper, chocolate and rich leather undertones.
Whiskey Acres Bourbon
  • Dekalb, IL                                43.5% ABV
  • Use only grains grown on site in Dekalb, a truly seed to spirit bourbon. Sweet baking spice, orange , honey, corn forward.
Whiskey Acres Rye
  • Dekalb, IL                                43.5% ABV
  • Use only grains grown on site in Dekalb. Cola, baking spice, ground cinnamon with caramel and almonds.
Whiskey Acres Bourbon B.I.B
  • Dekalb, IL                                50% ABV
  • First offering bottled at 100 proof. Grain forward, touch of almond dryness, tart apple on finish.

Exclusive Bourbon Selections

Woodford Reserve “K&B”
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  • A blend of 2007 and 2010 barrels. Caramel, orange citrus, clove, leather, nut and light smoky finish.


Woodford Reserve “Rye Not”
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  •  53% Rye  33% Corn 15% Malted Barley. Green Apple, mint, floral notes with a touch of spice on the finish


Elijah Craig “GG ” 
  • Bardstown, KY         47% ABV
  • Barrel was selected from Warehouse GG of Deatsville, said to be  Parker Beams favorite warehouse for barrel selections. Honey, slight almond, marshmallow, dry spice, brown sugar.


Eagle Rare 10 yr. Single Barrel   
  • Frankfort, KY           45.% ABV
  • Brown sugar sweetness, light spice, great almond dryness on finish.

American Single Malt

Balcones Texas Single Malt
  •  Waco, TX    53% ABV
  • Classic techniques & ingredients adapted for new world tastes. Toffee, overripe fruits, toasted malt, honey, baked apples finish of  cinnamon and clove.


Hillrock Estates Single Malt
  • Hudson Valley, NY   48.2% ABV
  • Estate grown barley which is malted in-house and smoked 8hrs with imported peat then finished in Oloroso casks. Burnt cherry, soda, cereal, pepper, clove, and cedar.


Hudson Single Malt
  • Gardiner, NY   46% ABV
  • Aged in small new American oak barrels from 5 months to 2 years. Intensely deep woody character with tones of vanilla wafer and spice.


Journeyman New Zealand Single Malt
  • Three Oaks, MI   45% ABV
  • Distilled  at the Willowbank of Dunedin, aged for 6 yrs in American oak, finished 4 additional yrs in French oak from New Zealand red wine barrels.  Dark cherries with  smooth nutmeg on the finish.


Journeyman Three Oaks Single Malt
  •  Three Oaks, MI   45% ABV
  • A tribute to scotch whiskey made from 1005 two row malted barley. Easy nose with a smooth velvety mouthfeel and a barley finish.


Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey
  •  Denver, CO.    47% ABV
  • A small batch of 100% malted barley aged between 2 and 5 years. Sweet caramel, apple, coconut and coca with a coffee finish.


Stranahan’s Diamond Peak
  •  Denver, CO. 47% ABV
  • A small batch of 10-20 barrels of 100% malted barley aged 4 barrels with a char #3. Dried apricots, leather, banana bread, cereal, honey, toffee and oak.


Stranahan’s Sherry Cask
  •  Denver, CO. 47% ABV
  • 100% malted barley aged 4 years in new American oak, then finished in  Spanish  Oloroso sherry barrels. Over-ripe cherries, raisins, smoked cayenne with a whipped crème finish.


Westland American Oak Single Malt
  • Seattle, WA     46% ABV
  • A tribute to scotch whiskey made from 1005 two row malted barley. Easy nose with a smooth velvety mouthfeel and a barley finish.


Westland Sherrywood Single Malt
  • Seattle, WA   46% ABV
  • A tribute to scotch whiskey made from 1005 two row malted barley. Easy nose with a smooth velvety mouthfeel and a barley finish.


Westland Peated Single Malt
  • Seattle, WA    46% ABV
  • A tribute to scotch whiskey made from 1005 two row malted barley.  Easy nose with a smooth velvety mouthfeel and a barley finish.

Single Barrel Bourbon

  • Frankfort, KY           46.5% ABV
  • The first commercially successful single barrel. Made from Buffalo Trace’s higher rye mash bill #2. Nutmeg, spices, dry vanilla, hints of honey, strong caramel and corn.


E.H. Taylor, Jr. Bottled In Bond
  • Frankfort, KY           50% ABV
  • Aged exclusively in Warehouse C. Lightly toasted oak, with dried figs, butterscotch, tobacco and spice.


Elmer T. Lee
  • Frankfort, KY           45% ABV
  • Made from Buffalo Trace’s #2 high rye mash bill. Vanilla, clove, old leather, fruit and honey with a light spiciness.


Evan Williams 2007
  • Bardstown, KY         43.3% ABV
  • Mash bill of 75% corn, 13% rye, and 12% barley. Dark caramel, sweet oak, charred wood, spicy with honey, apple and orange.


Ezra B 12 Yr
  • St. Louis, MO*         49.5% ABV
  • Replaces the 15 year expression. Charcoal filtered. Baking spice, red berries, toffee, pepper, oak with a mellow finish.


Four Roses
  • Lawrenceburg, KY    50% ABV
  • High rye bourbon from a labeled “B” mash bill of 60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% malted barley and a labeled “V” yeast strain added. Fruity aromas with notes of honey, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg.


Jim Beam
  • Clermont, KY           47.5% ABV
  • Beam’s top 1% hand selected and individually unique. Caramel, mild oak, hint of corn, orange peel with a dry finish.


John J. Bowman
  • Fredericksburg, VA   *  50% ABV
  • Triple distilled for the first time at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Toffee, leather, touch of figs, almonds and a long dry finish.


Knob Creek 9 Yr
  • Clermont, KY           60% ABV
  • Bottled at a higher proof for more pronounced flavors and smoky aroma. Deep and complex flavors of vanilla, nuts, oak, caramel, smoke.


Rebel Yell 10yr Single
  • St. Louis, MO*         50% ABV
  • Wheated Bourbon sourced for Luxco from Heaven Hill. Charred Oak, orange spice, pecan, with pepper on the finish.


Rock Hill Farms *
  • Frankfort, KY           50% ABV
  • Dark chocolate, tobacco, leather and a hint of marshmallow.


Russell’s Reserve
  • Lawrenceburg, KY    55% ABV
  • Matured in the deepest #4 “alligator” char barrels. A balance of rich, creamy toffee and vanilla.


  • Fairfield, CA*          47% ABV
  • Distilled in KY. 70% corn, 10% rye, 135 malted barley. Straw, peeled bananas, clove, sugary raisins and lightly spiced pepper.


Wilderness Trail  Wheat B.I.B
  •  Danville, KY           50% ABV
  • 64% corn, 24% wheat, 12% malted barley.   Mild oak, pecans, burnt vanilla, hint of leather


Willett Pot Still Reserve
  • Bardstown, KY*       47% ABV
  • Made its first appearance on the market in 2008. Floral nose with citrus and lots of honey and a herbal finish.


Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel #760
  • Kirby, WY          44% ABV
  • Brown sugar, caramel, vanilla, toasted grain, dark sweeets and  light oak.


1792 Single Barrel
  • Bardstown, KY         49.3% ABV
  • Butterscotch, citrus, almonds, ginger, bite and heat of a rye.



Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery

Old RipVan Winkle 10 yr.   
  •  53.5% ABV      
  •  Caramel-nut-fudge, peppery spices, bold.
Van Winkle “Lot B “ 12yr.    
  • 45.2% ABV
  •  Toffee, brown spices, almond dryness, lengthy finish.
Pappy Van Winkle 15 yr.    
  •   53.5% ABV
  • Smooth oak flavors, intense caramel.

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

George T. Stagg  2017
  • Frankfort, KY   64.6% ABV
  • 309 barrels bottled from 4 different warehouses. Dried raisins & brown sugar, cigar box, leather, tannic oak.


Thomas Handy Sazerac Rye 2017
  •  Frankfort, KY   63.6% ABV
  •  72 barrels bottled from 3 floors of 3 different warehouses. Orange rind, spicy blend of all-spice & baking spice.



Illinois Distilleries

Blind Tiger Bourbon                                                       
  • Chicago Distilling Co., Chicago, Il.   45% ABV
  • Fresh oak, hard candy sweetness, hint of spice  on  the finish.


Copper Fiddle
  • Lake Zurich, IL   46% ABV
  • Distilled in an American-made copper pot still.  Vanilla, caramel, molasses, brown sugar, and a waffle cone finish.


Few Bourbon
  • Evanston, IL   46% ABV
  • A mash bill of 70% corn, 20% Northern rye, 10% 2 row malted barley. Aged in small oak barrels from MN.Dark fruit, brown sugar, big corn and spice.


Few Rye
  • Evanston, IL   46.5% ABV
  • A mash bill of 70% rye, 20% corn, 10% malted barley. Burnt cherry, oak and honey with a creamy butteriness.


Few Delilah’s 23rd Anniversary Whiskey 
  • Evanston, IL   50% ABV
  • A blend of 23 unique barrels of FEW rye and bourbons.


Few Flaming Lips Brainville Rye Whiskey               
  • Evanston, IL   40% ABV
  • Rye whiskey finished in Bands favorite wine or beer barrels.


Few American Whiskey
  • Evanston, IL   46.5% ABV
  • Blend of Bourbon, Rye & cherrywood smoked malt whiskey. Rye spice, tart cherry, smoke, graham cracker, white pepper & honey.



High Rye Mash Bill Bourbon

  • Bardstown, KY   46.85% ABV
  • Made from Barton’s signature high rye recipe. Unmistakable spice mingles with sweet caramel and vanilla.


1792 Full Proof  
  • Bardstown, KY   62.5% ABV
  • Barton’s 1792 at Cask Strength.  Buttery with intense vanilla, caramel, dried cherries and light smoke.


1792  High Rye  
  • Bardstown, KY   47.15% ABV
  • Highest Rye percentage in mash than other Barton products. Vanilla extract, candied orange peel, rye spice with a touch of heat.


1792  Bottle in Bond   
  • Bardstown, KY   50.% ABV
  • 7th release of Barton’s special edition offerings. Hints of spice, almond, nutmeg with heavy dry oak notes


Basil Hayden’s
  • Clermont, KY   40% ABV
  • Light bodied, high rye bourbon. “Artfully aged to taste” by Beam. Tea, peppermint, spicy, peppery, some honey, citrus overtones, clean finish.


Belle Meade Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon
  • Nashville, TN*   45% ABV
  • Aged 9 years in bourbon barrels and finished in Oloroso sherry casks. Sherry sweetness with plum, molasses, brown sugar, caramel and spice.


Belle Meade Sour Mash
  • Nashville, TN*   45.2% ABV
  • Sharp Spiciness, vanilla, light floral and citrus and molasses.


Belle Meade Cognac Cask Finished Bourbon
  • Nashville, TN*   45% ABV
  • Aged 6-9 years in bourbon barrels and finished in XO Cognac barrels. Fruity sweetness, honeysuckle, brown sugar.


Bib & Tucker 6 Yr
  • Sonoma, CA*   46% ABV
  • A mash bill of 70% corn, 26% rye, and 4% malt. Double distilled and filtered ala Tennessee bourbon. Strong vanilla, fresh cut grass, wet stone, leather and  a hint of sweetness that evolves into spicy, chest-nutty taste.


  • Louisville, KY*   45% ABV
  • A mash bill of 68% corn, 28% rye, and 4% malted barley. Gentle spiciness, oak, maple, and nutmeg with a long dry, toffee finish.


Bulleit   Barrel Strength
  • Louisville, KY*   61.7% ABV
  • High Rye mash bill, un-cut


Bulleit   “Blenders select”
  • Louisville, KY*   50% ABV
  • A blend of 3 9yr distillates selected by Master blender Eboni Major. Dried fruit, honey, vanilla bean, finish of sweet cream & toasted oak.


Bulleit 10 Yr
  • Louisville, KY*   45.6% ABV
  • An annual release with a mash bill of 68% corn, 28% rye, 4% malted barley. Rich oaky aromas, dried fruits, vanilla, and a long smoky finish.


Copper Sea Excelsior
  • Hudson Valley, NY   48% ABV
  • A mash bill of 55% corn, 35% rye,10% malted barley then aged in New York oak barrels for less than a year. Musty haystack, baking spice, cola, and a dry lingering spice finish.


David Nicholson Reserve
  • St. Louis, MO*   50.% ABV
  • Apple skins, earthy, heavy rye spiciness with brown butter.


Driftless Glen
  •  Baraboo, WI.   48.% ABV
  • Grain to glass distillery with locally sourced grains. Iced tea, orange, walnuts and earthy tones.


Duke Small Batch
  • Lawrenceburg, KY* 44% ABV
  • Blended to replicate and honor the taste and profile preferred by John Wayne. Maybe! Sweet charred oak, roasted nuts, leather with hints of banana taffy, pepper, spice, and crème caramel.


Four Roses Small Batch
  • Lawrenceburg, KY   45% ABV
  • Four original and limited mature bourbons blended together. Rich, spicy flavors, sweet fruity aroma, hint of sweet oak and caramel.


45th Parallel Straight
  • New Richmond, WI  49.2% ABV
  • Full circle production all within a 8 mile radius. Sweet Graininess, hints of cinnamon and hot spice.


Grand Traverse Straight
  • Grand Traverse MI    45% ABV
  • 60% corn, 30% rye, 10% malted barley Smoky hardwood, nutmeg, caramel, vanilla bean & cigar box
Henry McKenna 10 yr B.I.B.
  • Bardstown, KY    50% ABV
  • Single barrel release by Heaven Hill. Distinct rye spice, mint, orange peel, touch of menthol & citrus.
I.W. Harper
  • Tullahoma, TN*   % ABV
  • A mash bill of 73% corn, 18% rye, 9% barley. Standard bourbon nose of vanilla and caramel with a spiced wood finish.


I.W. Harper 15yr               
  • Tullahoma, TN*   43% ABV
  • 13% Rye in the mash bill, sourced from Heaven Hill. Dark fruit, spice, cinnamon, grain.


John Drum Private Stock
  • Bardstown KY*   50.5% ABV
  • Owned by Willett Distilling Co. Sweet caramel, hint of custard, tobacco and leather.


  • Burdett, NY   45.5% ABV
  • A mash bill of 70% corn, 20% rye, 10% malted barley then finished in local Chardonnay barrels. Earthy, tobacco, leather and dark fruits with a buttery round finish.


Old Ezra 7 year Barrel Strength
  • Bardstown, KY*   58.5% ABV
  • Sourced from either Heaven Hill or Barton. Dark fruits, nutmeg, honey, spice & brown sugar.


Old Forester Classic
  • Louisville, KY   43% ABV
  • Originally created in 1870 “America’s First Bottled Bourbon”. Sharp, sweet, strong floral character, with mint, tobacco, sweet corn, spice, oak and orange notes.


Old Forester 1870 Original Batch
  • Louisville, KY   45% ABV
  • 3 barrels from different production dates, entry proofs, and age profiles. Clove, cinnamon, nutmeg with citrus fruits and soft lingering finish.


Old Forester 1897 Bottled In Bond
  • Louisville, KY   50% ABV
  • 2nd release in the Whiskey Row Series that honors the Bottled-In-Bond Act. Oak, leather, and smoke on the nose with a minty strong rye finish of toffee, caramel, fudge and peppermint.


Old Forester Statesman 
  • Louisville, KY   47.50% ABV
  • Named  from the 2017 The Kingsman: The Golden Circle  movie. Cooked cherries, light oak, stone fruit, and toasted marshmallows.


Old Forester Prohibition 1910             
  • Louisville, KY   46.5% ABV
  • 2nd barreling of mature O. F. bourbon in a heavy char barrel.  Sweet oatmeal raisin cookie, toffee, cedar and a evolving spice.


Old Forester Prohibition 1920             
  • Louisville, KY   57.5% ABV
  • Dark caramel, coriander, green peppercorn,  long smoky finish and  a graham cracker sweetness.


Old Forester Signature 100 Proof
  • Louisville, KY   50% ABV
  • Hand-picked barrels with a mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, 10% barley. Sweet, creamy laced with chocolate and oak.


Old Pogue Masters Select
  • Maysville, KY*   45.5% ABV
  • Resurgence of Old Pogue distillery of the 1900’s. Cotton candy, wintergreen, mint and spices


Pure Kentucky XO
  • Bardstown, KY*   53.5% ABV
  • Part of the Willett Small Batch Boutique Bourbon Collection. Spicy rye with leather, big vanilla followed by wood and some saltiness.


Red Handed
  • Austin, TX*   42% ABV
  • A blend of IN. TN., and KY.  bourbons then re-barreled in Texas. Creamy with sweet sugar, cola, and rich pepper tones with an easy finish.


Remus Repeal Reserve
  • Lawrenceburg, IN   47% ABV
  • Blend of 3 different MGP high rye bourbons. Toasted corn, nutmeg, dark fruit, honey, spice, and oak.


Rough Rider Double Cask
  • Balting Hollow, NY   45% ABV
  • A mash bill of 60% corn, 35% rye, 5% barley, with a 2nd maturation in used Merlot and Chardonnay casks. Perfume, herbal, smooth creamy with a sherry, and vanilla cola finish.


Rowan’s Creek
  • Bardstown, KY*   50.05% ABV
  • Part of the Willett Small Batch Boutique Bourbon Collection. Spicy, mint, classic caramel and vanilla with lite cedar notes.
Sonoma County West of Kentucky #3
  • Sonoma, CA   46.5% ABV
  • Midwest corn, Canadian rye, Wyoming malted barley.  Subtle wintergreen, clove, baking spice, and vanilla.
Smoke Wagon
  • Las Vegas, NV   50% ABV
  • Sourced from MPG of Indiana with a 36% rye Bourbon Mash Bill. Heavy spice, toasted brown sugar, sweet molasses & tobacco.
Two James Grass Widow                                 
  • Detroit, MI *    45.5% ABV
  • 36% rye  aged in new oak then finished in ex-madeira barrels. Roasted cashews, almonds with intense spice both sweet and hot.


Wilderness Trail  Small Batch B.I.B            
  • Danville, KY   50% ABV
  • 64% corn, 24% rye, 12% malted barley. Cracked pepper, sugary fruits, graham cracker, sweet mesquite smoke


Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select
  • Versailles, KY   45.2% ABV
  • A mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, 10% barley. Triple copper-pot distilled. Rich dried fruits, mint, vanilla, tobacco spice, toffee, caramel, citrus and cocoa notes with a crisp clean finish.


Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
  • Versailles, KY   45.2% ABV
  • Matured in separate, charred barrels with  the 2nd barrel deeply toasted. Vanilla and cigar leaf nose with a chocolate, oak dryness.

American Limited and Annual Release K-Z

Orphan Barrel Barterhouse 20 Yr Bourbon
  • Tullahoma, TN*       45.1% ABV
  • Distilled at the “New” Bernheim Distillery for United Distillers. Warm spice, biscuit, buttercream, roasted grains, oak, finishing with hints of spice and brown sugar.


Orphan Barrel Entrapment 25yr.                  
  • Tullahoma, TN*       41.0% ABV
  • Sourced from the Gimli distillery in Canada home of Crown Royal. Vanilla, toffee, plum and raisins with a hint of tobacco and walnut.


Orphan Barrel Forged Oak 15 Yr Bourbon
  • Tullahoma, TN*       45.25% ABV
  • Distilled at the “New” Bernheim Distillery for United Distillers. Cedar, maple, vanilla bean with seasoned wood, cocoa and young berries. A long black pepper finish.


Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 23 Yr Bourbon
  • Tullahoma, TN*       45.3% ABV
  • Fourth release until maturing stock runs out. Brown sugar, vanilla bean, black cherry, red currant with a citrus & oak finish.


Old Fitzgerald B.I.B.
  • Bardstown, KY         50% ABV
  • 14 yr aged, mash bill of 75% corn, 20% wheat, 5% malted barley. Homemade biscuits, raw peanuts, sweet fruit, light dry oak


Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 25 Yr Bourbon
  • Tullahoma, TN*       45.1% ABV
  • Annual release until maturing stock runs out. Oak nose with ripe banana, clove and anise with a woody chocolate finish.


Orphan Barrel The Gifted Horse Bourbon
  • Tullahoma, TN*       57.5% ABV
  • 39 % 17-yr Ky. bourbon, 51% 4-yr In. bourbon, 10 % 4-yr In. corn whiskey. Apple skin, almond, toffee, raisins, milk chocolate, creamy caramel, pear and fruit cake.


Parker’s Heritage 8 Yr Malt
  • Bardstown, KY         54% ABV
  • The 9th release in Heaven Hill’s annual collection. Mash bill of 65% malted barley and 35% corn. Aged 8 yrs on floors 5&7 of rick-house “Y”. Cherry nose with wood, barley alcohol dryness and lasting malt finish.


Parker’s Heritage 11 Yr Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Bardstown, KY         61% ABV
  • The 11th release in Heaven Hill’s annual collection. Honors the late master. Distiller Parker Beam by contributing $10 to ALS for every bottle sold. Heavy spice & raisin, hint of smoke with a dry oak finish.
Parker’s Heritage  Barrel Finish
  • Bardstown, KY         55% ABV
  • The  12th release in honor Parker Beam. 7-8 year bourbons finished for 4 months in French orange curacao barrels. Dried fruit, spicy citrus, nutmeg, toasted toffee with hints of honey & orange.


Parker’s Heritage 10yr Bourbon Heavy Char
  • Bardstown, KY         60% ABV
  • The  13th release , 79% corn, 11% rye, 10% malted barley. Baking spice, dark cherries, charred oak with light spice on the finish


Parker’s Heritage 8 Yr Rye Heavy Char
  • Bardstown, KY         52.5% ABV
  • 13th Edition, aged in level 5 char. 51% Rye, 35% Corn, 14% Malted Barley. Upfront heat & spice, heavy oak from heavy char, balanced sweet finish.


Westland Garryana
  • Hoquiam, WA           50% ABV
  • Native Oak Series.  Casks made with oak native to the Pacific Northwest. Clove, ripe cherries, honeycomb and wood smoke.


Whistle Pig -The Boss Hog Rye– 3rd Edition
  •  “ The Independent “                 58.5% ABV
  •  “The Spirit of Mortimer” , a 13.5 year single barrel of 100% rye. Employs a quadruple barrel aging process. Lighter caramel bourbon nose with smooth spice to the finish.


Whistle Pig -The Boss Hog Rye– 4th Edition       
  •  “ The Black Prince   “              62% ABV
  • MGP rye aged 14 years then finished 10 months in French Armagnac brandy casks. Powerful spice, notes of apricot, clove, and cinnamon.


Whistle Pig -The Boss Hog Rye–  5th Edition      
  •  “ The Spirit of Mauve “             62% ABV
  • 4th Edition. MGP rye aged 14 years then finished 10 months in French Armagnac brandy casks. Powerful spice, notes of apricot, clove, and cinnamon.


Whistle Pig Farmstock  01                                         
  • Shoreham, VT*        45% ABV
  • A blend of 20% Whistle Pig Rye, 49% Canadian Rye, 31%  MGP Rye.


Whistle Pig Farmstock Rye 02                                  
  • Shoreham, VT*        43% ABV
  • 32% Estate grown rye and blended with 6 7 10 yr. sourced ryes. Cinnamon, pear, woody, mild spice, peppery long finish.


Whistle Pig Farmstock Rye 03                          
  • Shoreham, VT*        43% ABV
  • Blend of 52% W.Pig 3yr. Rye, 6 & 10 yr. Canadian ryes. Floral notes, hint of citrus, clove & black pepper.


Whistle Pig 15 yr Vermont Estate Oak
  • Shoreham, VT*        46% ABV
  • Oldest expression yet , finished in Vermont white oak barrels from the farm. Buttery toffee, almonds, clove , black pepper  and mild oak.


Wild Turkey Rare Breed  Barrel Proof                    
  • Lawrenceburg, KY    58.4% ABV
  • Jimmy& Eddie Russell’s annual barrel proof offering for  2018 Warm butterscotch, fruit , spices, with lingering caramel sweetness.


Wild Turkey Masters Keep – Decades                 
  • Lawrenceburg, KY    52% ABV
  • Eddie Russell’s mingling of a range of 10-20 year aged barrels. Leather tack, tobacco, cedar, cooked apple, white pepper and grassy rye.


Wild Turkey Masters Keep – Cornerstone               
  • Lawrenceburg, KY    54.5% ABV
  • 4th release. A blend of 9 &11 old rye whiskies. Dark cherry, clove, toasted rye bread, touch of pepper


Wild Turkey Masters Keep – B.I.B.             
  • Lawrenceburg, KY    50% ABV
  • 17 years, 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley. Dark sweets, cereal grain sweetness, touch of leather


Woodford Reserve 1838 Style White Corn
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  • 10th release in the Master’s Collection. White corn used instead of yellow.  Nuts, apples, cooked sugar, vanilla, cedar, clove spice, with notes of lemon custard and a dash of white pepper.


Woodford Reserve Batch Proof                      
  • Versailles, KY          62.9% ABV
  •  Same Woodford mash bill but drawn from select uncut & raw barrels. Burnt Cherries, Dark chocolate, aged leather and tabaco.


Woodford Reserve Oat Grain                               
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  • 14th release in the Master’s Collection. Four grain mash bill with heavy oat. Touch of grain, ripe apple peel, caramel, orange peel and hint of peppermint.


Woodford Reserve Select American Oak             
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  •  2nd of the 2018 release in the Master’s Collection. 9 year age  bourbon in hand selected barrels from Ozark forest in Arkansas. Bread notes, milk chocolate, sweet tea, hint of peach and cocoa power.


Woodford Reserve Select Chocolate Malted Rye  
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  • 15th release in the Master’s Collection. Mash bill, 70% corn, 15% chocolate malted rye, 15% distillers malt. Mocha, cherry fruit, toasted oak & dark chocolate spice


Woodford Reserve Very Fine Rare Bourbon
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  • 16th release in the Master’s Collection. 72% corn, 18% rye, 105 malted barley. Burnt brown sugar, aged oak and tobacco, raisin, slight dry finish


Woodford Reserve Sweet Mash Redux                                                                                      
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  • Part of the Distillery Series. Rare distilling process in which fresh yeast cultures are added to the mash. Cedar, ripe fruitiness, brown sugar, hints of malt and a spice medley.


Woodford Reserve Toasted Oak Rye                                                                         
  • Versailles, KY          43.2% ABV
  • Part of the Distillery Series. Distilled from rye mash finished in new oak.  Brown sugar , toasted  cinnamon with an almond dryness on the finish.


Woodford Reserve Bottled in Bond                                                      
  • Versailles, KY          50.0% ABV
  • Part of the Distillery Series. Bottled in Spring 2018.  Tart green apple, graham cracker crust, honey sweetness


Woodford Reserve Winter 2018                  
  • Versailles, KY          45.2% ABV
  • A Woodford Gift shop selection for the winter of 2018.                Rich dried fruits, mint, tobacco spice, toffee, caramel, and citrus.


Yellowstone 2015 Limited Edition Bourbon*
  • Lebannon, KY*        52.5% ABV
  • A blend of 3 bourbons;  7 year rye, 7 year wheated, and 12 year rye. Toasted oak, dark cherries, apple citrus, peppery spice.


Yellowstone 2016 Limited Edition Bourbon*
  • Lebannon, KY*        50.5% ABV
  • Under 7000 bottles released by Beam owned Limestone  Branch distillery. A blend of high rye , 7 & 12 year bourbons finished in wine barrels. Hazelnut, oak, caramel corn & bit of spice.


Yellowstone 2017 Limited Edition Bourbon*
  • Lebannon, KY*        50.5% ABV
  • Under 8000 bottles released by Beam owned Limestone  Branch distillery. Distillery first produced 4-year bourbon added to a blend od sourced juice. Butterscotch, toasted oak, leather and dark fruit


Yellowstone 2018 Limited Edition Bourbon*
  • Lebannon, KY*        50.5% ABV
  •  Under 12,000 bottles released by Beam owned Limestone  Branch distillery. Sourced Bourbons between 4&12 years plus their own distillate aged in the same wine barrels as the 2016 & 2017 offerings with a higher char each year. Cherry, taffy, roasted corn, cinnamon, citrus and musty oak.


Yellowstone 2019 Limited Edition Bourbon*
  • Lebannon, KY*        50.5% ABV
  • Limited released by Beam owned Limestone  Branch distillery. Sourced blend of bourbons between 9&12. Toffee, dried fruit, nuts, oranges, baking spice


Yellowstone 2020 Limited Edition Bourbon*
  • Lebannon, KY*        50.5% ABV
  • 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley. Candied fruit, raspberry, plum, caramel, spice on the finish


Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whiskey
  • Waco, TX   53% ABV
  • An intentionally youthful expression crafted from roasted heirloom blue corn. Melted butter, toffee, vanilla, brown sugar and cotton candy with a lasting kettle corn finish.


Balcones Brimstone Corn Whiskey
  • Waco, TX    53% ABV
  • Made with 100% blue corn and smoked with sun-baked Texas scrub oak.Aromas of masa, campfire, powdered sugar backed by stone fruit with a peppery spice and mint on the finish.


Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey
  • Bardstown, KY   45% ABV
  • A small batch of less than 100 barrels picked from the middle floors of  the rick-house and aged 7 years. Mildly sweet, vanilla, honey, toffee, berries, spice and mint.
Chattanooga Tennessee Whiskey
  • Chattanooga,TN     43% ABV
  • Yellow corn, malted rye, caramel malted barley & honey malted barley. Dried apricot, sweet tea, toast & honey.


Copper Sea Corn Whiskey
  • Hudson Valley, NY  48% ABV
  • A mash bill of 80% Hudson Valley corn & 20% floor malted barley. Aged 6 months in a combination of 2nd fill bourbon, rye, brandy, and wine barrels. Barnyard, corn sweetness, mild citrus, leather, and slight butterscotch


Clyde Mays Alabama Style Whiskey*
  • Conecuh Ridge, AL   50% ABV
  • Sourced from KBD distillery of Bardstown, KY. Alabama Style Whiskey adds oven dried apples to aging barrels.  Cinnamon, spice with hints of you guessed it. Apples


Eight & Sand Blended
  • Lawrenceburg, IN   44.0% ABV
  • MGP distilled and blended. Spicy rye, cinnamon, touch of caramel on the finish


45th Parallel Wheat
  •  New Richmond, WI 49.2% ABV
  • All Wisconsin grown wheat , Grain to glass distillery. Wheat grain sweetness, hints of cereal & biscuits.


George Dickel Bottled In Bond
  • Tullahoma, TN   45% ABV
  • A 13yr whiskey with a mash bill of; 84% corn, 8% rye, 8% barley. 1st release of  Cascade Hollow Distillery with Nicole Austin as MD. Carmel apple, orange marmalade, burnt sugar, touch of spice on finish


George Dickel Superior No. 12
  • Tullahoma, TN   45% ABV
  • A blend of older whiskies with a mash bill of; 84% corn, 8% rye, 8% barley. Oak, vanilla, maple, butter, and smoke.


High West Bourye
  • Park City, UT*   46% ABV
  • A blend of 9yr bourbon, 10yr &16yr ryes from MGP and a 16yr Barton rye. Molasses, caramel, coconut cream and sweet corn with dried spice.


High West Campfire
  • Park City, UT*    46% ABV
  • Blend of bourbon and rye from MGP and peated 100% Scotch malt whiskey. Chai spice, honey, toffee, blueberries, black cherry, salted caramel, smoke.


Iowish Whiskey
  • Le Claire, IA   40% ABV
  • 100% Iowa corn from less than 2 miles from the distillery.Sweet corn nose with hints of oak and vanilla on the finish.


Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack
  • Lynchburg, TN   40% ABV
  • Charcoal “mellowed” for a 2nd time once it reaches maturity. Sweetest, lightest, and least mount of oak from the Jack Daniel’s offerings.


Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select
  • Lynchburg, TN   47% ABV
  • From the extreme temperature fluctuations of upper half of the rick-house. Sweet vanilla, caramel, oak with a creamy long finish.


James Oliver American Whiskey
  • Portland, OR*   43% ABV
  • A high rye mash bill that is barreled in used bourbon and sherry barrels. Sweet corn, cotton candy and crème brulee.


Journeyman Buggy Whip Wheat
  • Three Oaks, MI   45% ABV
  • Organic whiskey made from 100% Michigan wheat. Soft, sweet, palate full of caramel, vanilla with a smooth finish.


Journeyman Corsets, Whips & Whiskey
  • Three Oaks, MI   58.5% ABV
  • Barrel strength version of their wheat whiskey. Sweet toffee, caramel, touch of spice in the finish.


Journeyman Silver Cross
  • Three Oaks, MI   45% ABV
  • Tribute to the game of golf with equal parts rye, wheat, corn, and barley. Sweet caramel, spicy red fruit, pepper, rich malt, and a clean finish.
Michter’s US*1 Sour Mash                                                                                                            
  • Louisville, KY*   43% ABV
  • A small batch re-introduced to the market in 2012 after a 23 yr. absence. Rich cinnamon with notes of butter, almond and a peppery finish


Michter’s US*1 American Whiskey
  • Louisville, KY*   41.7% ABV
  • Small batch, aged in bourbon soaked white oak barrels. Contains no grain neutral spirits. Gingerbread, butterscotch, maple, and a ripened fruit finish.


New Holland Bill’s Michigan Wheat Whiskey
  • Holland, WI   45% ABV
  • A 100% wheat mash bill.  Candy sweetness, buttered biscuit, lingering all-spice on the finish.


Rebel Yell American Whiskey
  • St. Louis, MO*   45% ABV
  • A blend of bourbon and rye. Rich oak, vanilla, caramel, with notes of leather, fruit and chocolate.


Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey
  • Kansas City, MO*   46% ABV
  • A blend of corn, malt, and straight rye whiskies, with an addition of a small amount of 15 year Oloroso sherry. Smoke, lots of spice, vanilla, maple syrup, red fruit and grass.


Slaughter House American Whiskey
  • Napa, CA*   44% ABV
  • A 9 yr whiskey finished in American oak & Papilion barrels from Orin Swift. Caramelized sugar, baking spices, dark fruits, honey, vanilla, & caramel.


Sonoma County2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey
  • Sonoma County, CA   49% ABV
  • Golden raisins, light brine, orange curd, creamy grain.


Two James Johnny Smoking Gun
  • Detroit, MI   43.5% ABV
  • Crafted to compliment the “umami” of Japanese cuisine with a mash bill of 70% corn and 30% rye. Burnt caramel, smoked hardwood, corn syrup, with a tannic lingering finish.


Wyoming OutryderBottled in Bond ‘
  • Kirby, WY                  50% ABV
  • A blend of two non-GMO mash bills, a straight whiskey and a bourbon. Dark rye bread, creamy brown butter, allspice, toffee and clove


Woodford Reserve Malt Whiskey
  • Versailles, KY   45.1% ABV
  • 51% malt base, 47%  corn, 2% rye  Nutty, milk chocolate, dried fruit, mint and brown spice


Woodford Reserve Wheat Whiskey
  • Versailles, KY   45.2% ABV
  • 52% wheat, 21% malt, 18% corn, 8% rye   Spiced cedar, applesauce, toasted coconut, mint & subtle cocoa


Yellowstone Select
  • Lebanon, KY*  46.5% ABV
  • A hand-picked blend of sweet, spicy, and smoky bourbons. Hints of hazelnuts, spice and burnt wood.