At Hardware & BBGB, we’re looking to change the way people think about eating local.

We’re striving to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum through growing our own produce and by using reclaimed building materials for design elements.

There are four ways that we make our restaurant a unique local dining experience:

  • 1
    We grow produce year-round in our greenhouse. Our goal is to be fully self-sufficient for lettuce and herbs.
  • 2
    We grow fruits and nuts in our micro orchard and gardens throughout our property.
  • 3
    Our 1.5-acre hop farm provides one of the base ingredients for all of our beer. In addition to our BBGB brews, we offer over 600 whiskeys from around the world.
  • 4
    We use a 250-foot well into an underground aquifer to supply all of our water for production in our brewery and irrigation. Also, we reclaim all roof water for irrigation in our green house and patio garden.