Strawberry Shortcake Cannoli

Lemon strawberries,  Sweet pistachio ricotta filling, Whiskey cannoli shell, Strawberry jam, Pistachios    12


Vegan Sticky Pudding

Apricot Gluten Free Cake, Vegan Butter Sauce, Whiskey Coconut Ice Cream  9.5  (V/GF)

Ice Cream

One scoop of our 3 House made selections  

***May contain Alcohol***

Pork Belly

Whiskey braised pork belly served with Luxardo red cherry ice cream and a reduction of dark brown sugar syrup 9.5

Charcuterie Dessert

Banana pot de creme, Salted Peanut Roll, Hazelnut & orange chocolate sausage, Candied bacon, Graham cracker    14

Ho Ho’s

An adult version of Chocolate covered rolled cake with Maker’s Mark whiskey cream filling, vanilla bean creme anglaise 9.5