Angel’s Envy Finished Rye
  • Louisville, KY*   50% ABV
  • Aged an additional 18 months in cognac &  XO rum barrels. Citrus, caramel candy, vanilla, oak, maple sugar, hazelnut, spice and sherry wood on the finish.
Bulleit Small Batch
  • Lawrenceburg, IN   45% ABV
  • Mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. Aromas of rich oak with hints of vanilla, honey, and spice.
Bulleit 12yr
  • Lawrenceburg, IN   46% ABV
  • 95% rye whiskey aged minimum 12 years. Signature spice, dried pear, toffee, oak,& hint of graham cracker
Basil Hayden’s Dark
  • Clermont, KY   40% ABV
  • 4 year rye whiskey re-barreled and aged an additional 7 years. Oak spice, toffee, vanilla, hints of fruit.
Basil Hayden’s Caribbean Reserve
  • Clermont, KY   40% ABV
  • Blend of 8 yr straight rye + 4 yr Canadian rye + black strap rum. Brown sugar, caramel, dusty wood, light finish.
Basil Hayden’s 10 Yr Rye                
  • Clermont, KY   40% ABV
  • 1st age stated rye release. Slight spice, lingering oak & peanut with a touch of vanilla
Cody Road
  • Le Claire, IA   40% ABV
  • 100% rye purchased from a local Wherry brothers of Fulton, IL. Unexpected sweet fruitiness with a lingering spice finish.
Copper Sea Green Malt
  • Hudson Valley, NY   45% ABV
  • Made with 100% un-kilned or “Green” malted NY rye.  Herbaceous, floral, anise, leather, honeysuckle, and sugary sweetness.


Cooper’s Ransom Rye
  • Cooperstown, NY   51% ABV
  • 80% local farm rye finished in Long Island winery’s Cab. Barrels. Dark rye bread, caraway seeds, dark fruit, nougat, light easy spice


Dad’s Hat
  • Bristol, PA   45% ABV
  • Bottled in 15 gallon barrels aged for 8/9 months with a mash bill of 80% rye, 15% barley malt, 5% rye malt. Floral, spicy, dried fruit, black cherry, tobacco, vanilla and oak.


Dad’s Hat Finished in Vermouth Barrels
  • Bristol, PA   47% ABV
  • Aged an additional 3 months in Quady Winery’s Sweet Vermouth barrels. Orange, cinnamon, pepper and vanilla with the finish of sweet vermouth.


Driftless Glen
  • Baraboo, WI    48% ABV
  • A grain to glass distillery with locally sourced grains. Touch of rye, sweet grain flavors.


E.H. Taylor, Jr. Bottled In Bond
  • Frankfort, KY   50% ABV
  • A mash bill made up of just rye and malt. Dried fruit, black pepper, fresh dill, dark spices, subtle caramel with a lingering dry oak finish.


Hudson Manhattan
  • Gardiner, NY   46% ABV
  • A grain quality as a result of whole rye being kept in the mash bill. Grassy, peppery spice, touch of honey and coconut.


Far North Roknakr
  •  Red River Valley, MN   47.% ABV
  • Field to glass distiller and farm. 95% estate grown rye. Brown sugar, orange peel, almonds, heavy baking spices.


Filibuster Dual Cask
  • Washington, DC*   45% ABV
  • Small batch rye blended with, bourbon then finished in French oak cask seasoned in white wine. Banana, stone nose, small spice with an oily finish.


Grand Traverse “Old George” Straight Rye
  • Grand Traverse MI    45% ABV
  • 95% rye mash bill. Toasted grain, dried black fruits, sourdough rye bread & pepper


High West Double 
  • Park City, UT*    46% ABV
  • A blend; 2 yr (95% rye, 5% barley malt) & 16 yr (53% rye, 37% corn) Cinnamon, clove, anise, eucalyptus, and evergreen “gin-like” flavors.


High West Rendezvous
  • Park City, UT*    46% ABV
  • A blend; 2yr  (95% rye 5% barley malt) & 16yr (80% rye 10% corn, 10% barley malt.) Cinnamon, clove, vanilla, peppermint, molasses, cocoa and fruit.


Hillrock Estate Double Cask
  • Hudson Valley, NY   45% ABV
  • Organic estate grown rye matured in traditional casks then finished in a deep #4 char cask with staves that have been air dried for 2 years. Big oak, hidden spice for a rye with lingering tannins.


Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel
  • Lynchburg, TN   47% ABV
  • A mash bill of 70% rye,. The first rye Jack Daniel’s has ever offered. Lemongrass, honey, butterscotch, clove, licorice and black pepper.


James Oliver
  • Portland, OR*   50% ABV
  • 100% American rye aged for 2 years in new American oak with a #4 char. Floral with a hint of spice and a touch of oak.


Journeyman Field Museum
  • Three Oaks, MI   45% ABV
  • Collaboration with Field Museum to celebrate 125th anniversary. Last feather rye with black mission figs added then aged 3 additional months. Natural fig, spice, with a cola finish.


Journeyman Not A King
  • Three Oaks, MI   45% ABV
  • The second edition of Federalist with a mash bill of 60% rye & 40% corn. Black tea with notes of honey, citrus, almonds and white pepper.


Journeyman Last Feather
  • Three Oaks, MI   45% ABV
  • Originally named for the neighborhood of the Koval Distillery, changed to Last Feather in 2015. Dried cherry, smooth pepper and spice finish.


Kentucky Owl Rye #2
  • Bardstown, KY   50.9% ABV
  • 7500 bottles released, 11 yr sourced Kentucky ryes. Nutty, fresh cranberry, chestnut with intense spice.


Knob Creek Small Batch
  • Clermont, KY   50% ABV
  • A undisclosed mash bill with the minimum of 51% required to be called rye. Rye spiciness with hints of vanilla, herbs, and oak.


Lock, Stock, & Barrel 13yr.
  • Philadelphia, PA*   50.65% ABV
  • A 100% Canadian rye aged for 13 years.  Salted caramel, toffee, winter spice and tobacco.


Lock, Stock, & Barrel 16yr.
  • Philadelphia, PA*   53.5% ABV
  • A 100% Canadian rye aged for 16 years in charred new American oak. Vanilla gelato, custard, spiced stone fruit jam and hazelnuts on the finish


Masterson’s 10 Yr
  • Sonoma, CA*   45% ABV
  • 100% Canadian rye. Floral with orange peel, raisin, and a woody spice.


  • Burdett, NY   45.5% ABV
  • Made from local rye. Aged in new charred white oak. Finished in sherry barrels from local wineries.Dry leather with sherry butterscotch and orange peel.


Michter’s US*1 Single Barrel
  • Louisville, KY*   42.4% ABV
  • Made from rye that is sheared to maximize the extraction of flavor. Spice with peppery notes, citrus, butterscotch and oak.


New Holland Rye Whiskey
  •  New Holland, MI   44% ABV
  • Finished in Dragon’s milk stout barrels. Vanilla, allspice, honey and almond with a spicy malt finish.


Old Forester Rye
  • Louisville, KY   50% ABV
  • 65% rye, 20% malted barley, 15% corn Cinnamon stick, sharp black pepper, lemon zest.


Old Maysville Club B.I.B
  •  Maysville, KY   50% ABV
  • 100 % Malted Rye from Old Pogue Distillery. Toasted grain, rye spiciness, thick & oily, with apricot on the finish


Peerless Straight Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey
  • Louisville, KY   54% ABV
  • Sweet mash used during fermentation. Buttery, toasted rye bread with baking spices on the finish


Pikesville Straight Rye
  • Bardstown, KY*    55.% ABV
  • Distilled by Heaven Hill, aged 6 years in new oak. 51% rye. Marzipan, pepper, wood, leather, citrus spiked chocolate, oily in texture


Redemption Barrel Proof 7 Yr
  • Bardstown, KY*   61.2% ABV
  • A mash bill of 95% rye and 5% barley. Spice, caramel, and  honey with hints of citrus.


  • Frankfort, KY   46% ABV
  • Aged a minimum of 4.5 years. Gentle, peppery aroma with dried fruit and cinnamon.



Rebel Yell Small Batch
  • St. Louis, MO*   45% ABV
  • A mash bill of rye, corn, and malt that has been aged 2 years. Spicy with hints of chocolate and vanilla. Mildly woody.


Rough Rider ‘Bull Moose’ 3 Barrel
  • Baiting Hollow, NY   45% ABV
  • A small batch of 95% rye which is triple aged in; new oak casks, used bourbon casks, distillery’s single malt casks. Crisp with sweet fruit aromas, spice, caramel, vanilla, and blackberry with an long toasty finish.


Rough Rider ‘The Happy Warrior’
  • Baiting Hollow, NY   57% ABV
  • Cask Strength version of  Rough Rider Bourbon with a second maturation. In merlot and chardonnay barrels. Sweet corn nose, caramel, rye spice with a dissipating finish


Rough Rider ‘The Big Stick
  • Baiting Hollow, NY   60.5% ABV
  • A small batch of 95% rye, 5% malted barley made from local rye and champagne yeast. Double pot distilled and blended in micro batches. Hints of spice with a touch of malty sweetness and a long warm finish.


Russell’s Reserve Small Batch 6 Yr
  • Lawrenceburg, KY   45% ABV
  • A collaboration between Jimmy and Eddie Russell of Wild Turkey. Caramel and almond with a spicy infused oak finish.


Sazerac 6 Yr
  • Frankfort, KY   45% ABV
  • The base of America’s “first” branded cocktail. Aromas of clove, vanilla, anise, pepper, with subtle notes of candies, spices, and citrus followed by a big smooth finish with hints of licorice.


Sonoma County Rye
  • Sonoma, CA   49% ABV
  • A mash bill of 80% unmalted Canadian rye  & 20% rye malt. Double distilled in copper pots over direct fire. Spicy rye, walnut, white pepper, pecan with a fine grain mouthfeel


Sonoma County Rye Cask Strength
  • Sonoma, CA   54.5% ABV
  • 100% Rye offering uncut in pure state. Oily texture, heavy spice, dill and raw grains.


Templeton 4 Yr
  • Templeton, IA*   40% ABV
  • Based on the Prohibition Era Kerkhoff recipe containing 95% rye.  Dry, clean, grassy, caramel, butterscotch and toffee with winter spice.


Templeton 6 Yr
  • Templeton, IA* 45.75% ABV
  • Burnt sugar sweetness, strong lingering spice with hints of toasted oak.


Templeton Cask Strength
  • Templeton, IA* 57.2% ABV
  • The good stuff cask strength , limited bottling for 2018


Two James Catcher’s Rye
  • Detroit, MI   49.4% ABV
  • 100% Michigan rye and Great Lakes water aged in new 53 gallon barrels. New leather, barnyard, pepper corn, and a hint of butterscotch.


Whistle Pig 10 Yr
  • Shoreham, VT*   50% ABV
  • 100% Canadian rye finished in bourbon barrels and hand bottled in Vermont. Vanilla, caramel, baking spices, candied citrus, butterscotch and toffee.


Willett Family Estate Single Barrel 2 Yr
  • Bardstown, KY    56.7% ABV
  • The inaugural release from their new distillery. A light-bodied barrel strength whiskey with orange and perfume up front followed by mint, floral, fruit notes.


Willett Family Estate Single Barrel 4 Yr
  • Bardstown, KY   55% ABV
  • Sourced juice from MGP ( Lawrenceburg Distillers ) Robust rye, dark & tart cherries, burnt vanilla with long spicy finish.


Woodford Reserve
  • Versailles, KY   45.2% ABV
  • A mash bill of 53% rye, 33% corn, 14% malted barley. Bold pepper, tobacco, long fruit and sweetly spiced finish.