Salmon Tartare

Faroe Island salmon, Pickled mango, Red onion, Avocado, Ginger vinaigrette, Wasabi mayo, Sesame cracker   15

Quinoa Salad

White Quinoa, Brussel sprout, Roasted carrot, Red onion, Celery, Grilled red grape, Pistachio, Lemon vinaigrette   13


Rustic Mushroom

Pickled Mushrooms & Carrots, Red Pepper,  Mighty Vine Tomato,  Radish,  Pesto,  Croutons, Balsamic Reduction   14


Steak & Egg

4 oz prime skirt steak,  Fried Potato, Blue cheese, Roasted Red Pepper & onions, Mighty Vine Tomato, White Balsamic Dressing, Sous Vide Egg   20


Grilled Bacon

Grilled hardware bacon,  Green chickpeas, Red pepper, Roasted butternut squash, Onion, Goat cheese, Pumpkin seeds, Sweet date vinaigrette   15


Dinner Bell Fork & Knife

Braised short rib, Grilled onions, Smoked gouda, Gravy on Country white bread and Mashed potatoes   17


Vegan Risotto

Jasmine rice, Spinach, Roasted garlic, Oil cured tomatoes, Crispy mushroom, Toasted walnut   14


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