Lilith Palilith

10.6% ABV   Farmhouse Rye with Montmorency tart cherries, aged for 10 months in French Sauternes white wine barrels.

Misty’s Cream Ale

4.8% ABV  12 IBU – Pale malt and flaked maize balance against American hops to deliver a rich, smooth, golden beer. Bright pale gold and very light on the palate, Misty’s won’t disappoint!

Lottie Bock

6.0% ABV    – A dark amber German lager full of smooth caramel-toasty malt.

Wild Bill Double IPA

8.3% ABV  60 IBU – Bold, citrusy, and tropical West Coast IIPA with a solid malt base, our big Bill finishes with Centennial and Chinook hops.

Bradley’s 1041 Vienna Lager

5.5% ABV
28 IBU
– A European light amber lager with a soft, smooth maltiness and a balanced, moderate bitterness and dry finish. The malt flavor is clean, bready-rich, and somewhat toasty, with an elegance derived from high quality malts and an extended brewing process.



Uncle Joe’s IPA

6.1% ABV
44 IBU
– A hop-forward West Coast style IPA, Joe’s solid malt and bitterness give way to the clean, bright citrus and pine aroma and flavor of Centennial and Chinook hops.

Barney’s Coffee Stout

6.8% abv

28 IBU – Roasted malts and fresh ground coffee make it pleasing to the nose, silky smooth oats and chocolate malt make it a pleasure to drink.

Saison Marilyn

7.8% ABV
25 IBU
– Known as a ‘super’ Saison due to her strength, Marilyn’s delicious peppery/citrusy complexity is derived from the addition of pink peppercorns and a dose of dried orange peels at the end of the brew. Golden and light, but strong and bold, it finishes with a delightful aroma and very dry finish.

Earl The Pearl Pale Ale

5.5% ABV
34 IBU
– This is our flagship American pale ale, featuring light and citrusy notes in the flavor and aroma, finishing with Mosaic and Citra hops.