Breakfast Pizza

House cured ham, Swiss cheese,  Garlic cream cheese, 2 sunny side eggs on a Grilled flatbread topped with Balsamic glaze    15


Vegetable Fritata

2 Eggs, Broccolini, Green onions, Ppeppers, Tomato,  Spinach, Cheese curds,  Garlic oil , Toast    13


3 Cheddar & Tomato

Young, Truffle & 5 yr Cheddar grilled cheese with Mighty vine yellow tomato 13

Avocado Toast

Grilled bread,  Sous vide egg, Avocado, Fresh mozzarella, Grilled tomato, Chile honey   12

Shrimp Breakfast Bowl

Grilled shrimp, Sous vide egg, Sweet potato & vegetable hash and Hardware greens  15